The Retrospective: the Crime of Oj Simpson

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OJ Simpson was born and raised in California, Simpson lived in San Francisco with his family living in housing projects. At a young age he joined a gang known as the Persian warriors. He was incarcerated for a short time at a Youth Guidance Centre in San Francisco. He was described as an awful person at the time by his future Wife Marguerite who was OJ’s childhood sweetheart. 

Oj was arrested again after this a few times, but after his third arrest he had a meeting with Willie Mays a baseball star, who convinced OJ to change his ways and helped him reform. Simpson played football at school. At 19 years old OJ married Marguerite and went on to have 3 children one of which later died by drowning in a swimming pool.

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Even though OJ was still married to Marguerite he started dating Nicole Brown she was a waitress in a nightclub. This lead to the divorce of OJ and Marguerite in 1979. OJ then married Nicole Brown on the 2nd of February 1985 and later had 2 more children. OJ and Brown were married for 7 years and during this time he was accused of spousal abuse which he plead no contest to, this was in 1989. In 1992 Brown filed for divorce under irreconcilable differences.

OJ’s terrible grades at school stopped him from receiving any interest from any college recruiters. OJ then then shown interest in the military but was put off by a friend who had been injured in the Vietnam war, so he enrolled in the City College of San Francisco in 1965 where he played football, he had 2 positions running back and defensive back. OJ went on to win the Prune Bowl against Long Beach State which attracted him as a transfer student for football. After many offers he accepted an offer to attend University of Southern California where Simpson went on and lead his nation into rushing both years under his manager John McKay.

On the 12th of June 1994 Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were found dead outside Brown’s condo both stabbed to death. Simpson was immediately of interest regarding the murders. On the 17th of June he was involved in a low speed pursuit by the police while being a passenger of a car which his friend owned. This incident was broadcasted live on all tv stations with viewings of around 95 million this was described as “the most famous ride” in America since Paul Revere. 

OJ Simpson was in Los Angeles on the night of the 12th of June 1994, however he took a flight to Chicago. The next day he returned to Los Angeles, the police interviewed but he was not arrested at this time. Defence attorney’s believed that OJ was wrongly accused, however the prosecution deemed him a controlling husband who in fact abused Nicole Brown.

The blood found at the crime scene was found in Simpsons car and home, he was also unaccounted for, for at least over an hour on that fatal night. The gloves that the prosecutors believed to be worn on the night of the killings were presented in Court, the prosecution requested that OJ Simpson put the gloves on however they did not fit.

On the 24th of January 1995 OJ Simpson was on trial for murder. He was represented by a very high-profile defence team, known as the “dream team”. The trial was heavily televised and named “the trial of the Century”. The trial is described as the most notorious criminal trials in all of American History. OJ was formally charged on the 22nd of July 1994, and entered a plea of not guilty. The previous accusation of spousal abuse in 1989 was heavily emphasized and used as motive for the murders.

The defence were quick to defend Simpson based on evidence being mishandled and that the Los Angeles police department were racist towards OJ, especially by the officer Mark Fuhrman who found the glove the night in question. In court he was asked to try on the bloody glove but it was to small. The defence also claimed that evidence had been planted by police to frame OJ Simpson.

The public opinion of the trial was split, mostly by racial lines. African Americans supported OJ, leaving white Americans believing that he was in fact guilty. It was argued by the prosecution that the domestic abuse culminated in her murder. During the trial there was a theory that Simpson went to Brown’s home to try and reconcile their relationship, however Brown refused him. So as a final “act of control”, he murdered her, after he murdered her Ron Goldman appeared at the scene which resulted in his murder also.

The prosecution dropped the domestic violence part of OJ’s case on the 20th of June 1995. This was dropped due to comments made by a dismissed juror. Chief Medical Examiner, Dr Lakshmanan testified that Brown’s time of death was between 10pm and 10.30pm. Kato Kaelin a friend of Simpson last saw OJ at around 9.36pm. Simpson was not seen again until 10.54pm, therefor Simpson was missing for 1hr and 18 minutes, he has no alibi for the time he was missing. The time Simpson was missing just happens to be when the murders took place.

The prosecution had a total of 108 exhibits, this included 61 drops of blood, and DNA which also linked Simpson to the murders. There were no witnesses to the crime therefor the prosecution depended on DNA as the only evidence that linked OJ to the crime. On the 3rd of October 1995 after 252 days on trial O.J. Simpson was acquitted. Simpsons “dream team” managed to convince jurors the guilt has not been proven “beyond reasonable doubt”. 

The Jury was made up of nine African Americans, two white Americans and a Hispanic, the jurors took around four hours to deliver a not guilty verdict on both murders, It is estimated that 140 million Americans tuned into to either the tv or radio to listen to the verdict. After Simpson was acquitted, Ron Goldman’s family tried to retrieve OJ’s $28,000 a year pension but they failed to do so.

On the 5th of February 1997 a civil case was raised by Ron Goldman’s family which found Simpson guilty for battery and the wrongful death of Goldman and Brown, OJ was forced to pay $33,500,00 in damages. This lead to the auction of Simpsons Heisman Trophy and other belongings that accumulated $500,000 all of which went to the Goldman’s family.

On the 5th of September 2006 Ron Goldman’s dad took Simpson back to Court again to get the control over OJ’s right to publicity. So on the 4th of January 2007 it was deemed that a restraining order was put in place so that Simpson could not spend any advance money he may have got on book deal which was cancelled, and also a tv interview about the murders in 1994. Further to this Simpson was restricted to spending his money on ordinary living expenses.

In conclusion O.J. Simpson was found not guilty due to many mistakes made by the investigation team leaving the jury doubting O.J’s guilt. Had the investigation been carried with more care and followed professional guidelines the jury may have came to a different verdict. This case is known as one of the biggest cases in American History, due to the publicity it has received, however a significant amount of people in the world think he is guilty.  

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