The Revolutionary War and Its Consequences

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The Revolutionary War had revolutionary changes that affected the United States. The revolutionary war was the 13 colonies against Great Britain. The war took place between 1775-1783, which was won by the 13 colonies. They named themselves the United States of America. The Revolutionary War caused the breakdown between the United States and England and a break away from the England government. The Revolutionary War had the different point of views how revolutionary it was. Some historians think that the Revolutionary War was conservative, which did not lead to any change because it used some same laws and rights just like gender and race equality. The second historian's perspective was that the war had no revolution, but it was just radical it caused many changes after the political break from England. These historians think it was just a political change; it did not affect any rights of the society of slaves and women. The main themes that the Revolutionary War caused were the political Independence, Racial equality and gender equality which are themes that affected and changed the United states at a time.

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To begin, the Revolutionary War caused the political revolution in the United States. The United States broke away from England government and made their system. The political independence of the United states was revolutionary it took place from 1775- 1783 it changed the government. For example, during the revolutionary war, the United States broke away from England as soon as possible. In Document A, the destruction of the statue royale, they knocked down the statue of King George III in New York during 1776. The statue was knocked down by the low class and the slaves. This document shows how the United States show a revolution change on England king which is indicating the action of breaking away and looking for political independence. The political revolution has been going throughout the Revolutionary War. Another example is when the United states wanted independence and made a revolutionary change. In document B it states the unanimous declaration of independence “ We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that their Creator endows them with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; … are instituted among men,... From the consent of the government,” This is the declaration of political independence against England and their high rankings administration. They had declared these statements and added them to the United States government, which made by a revolution in the Revolutionary War. These changes have caused to have perspectives from others and have more views of more revolution. In document C, the point of view of Reverend Devereux Jarratt of the American Revolution as the social movement. This paper is showing the perspective of Reverend as Social movement and comparing the government and the royal administration. It states “ It shows how the politics were classified as in social theme in England because the people with social power had the power in politics. The United States government went against that and had a different system and brake politics and social power into two.

On the other hand, the revolutionary war caused racial equality to have a longer time revolution in the United States. The theme for race equality had no fast revolution in the United States government. The revolutionary war was from 1775- 1783, and it took until 1865 to abolish slavery. For example, in Document K the map shows all the states with years of their abolishment of slavery. The stats show there are the years from 1777- 1865 which took 82 years, this theme of racial equality has a cause of slow revolution. In the other hand, some African Americans had different perspectives of the abolishment of slavery. In document L a speech of a young African boy whose perspective of the abolition of slavery is worse for him. In the document his speech was about, he did not want the abolishment of slavery because he will not have as many benefits as being a slave. The advantages of being able to work and having something to do not just end in discrimination. It states “ Why should strive… moreover, acquire all the continents of man if…. White boys will not work with I.” this is the quote in his speech it shows that he knows that the abolishment of slavery will cause him to be discriminate. The request of abolishment concluded and either not wanting it they had to pass this revolution done by the revolutionary war. In the document J, has the United States conclusion of the abolishment of slavery. The United States constitution has decided to abolish slavery until 1865 but recognized them in the congress on 1808. It states “ The migration of .. slaves .. shall now be prohibited by the Congress by the year 1808. Which is until 1808 they will be recognized the congress and took 57 years to abolish slavery. This theme of racial equality had the slow revolution in the United States.

Finally, the Revolutionary War caused a longer revolutionary change in the United states. The Revolutionary War cause to have gender equality to have a slow revolutionary change in the United States. For example, in document M John Adams wife requested for women's equality. The application was made on March 31, 1776, in Massachusetts to have the same rights as men. It states on the letter “ … in the new code of laws which suppose it will be necessary to .. make .. desire… for ladies,”. This document is showing how women wanted equality and how John Adams wife stepped up for the women. The reason why women are looking for equality is that they want the same rights and power as a man. In document O, Nancy F Scott shows how changing status for women will help them to have more favorable divorce petitions. Since women do not have the equality as the man, they can not win a divorce or make a divorce during the time of 1765-1764. It shows reasons like that women want equality and requests the United States government. The United States government responded until 1920 and made it official for women to have same rights as the man. In document N, the United States Constitution Amendment 19 made it official to have women equality as the man.

In conclusion, the Revolutionary War caused the United States to have a longer process revolution. The Revolutionary War caused a revolution that was made even in a longer process. The political independence of the United States and Great Britain was a revolutionary change that occurred from 1775-1783. In the other hand, both racial and gender equality took an extended period to conclude the revolution. The race equality took 82 years to abolish slavery, which occurred in 1777- 1865. The sex for women had a long time to conclude with its revolution. The request was made in 1776 and completed in 1920 which took 144 years to have gender equality officially. That leads the revolutionary war as the revolution in the United States that had both slow and fast change.

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