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The Right to Peace – The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights At 70

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Every year the International day of peace is observed on 21st September across the world. “The Right to peace – The universal declaration of human rights at 70” is selected as the theme of International Peace day 2018. The theme celebarates the 70th anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights. The document is a milestone achievement of the history of human rights where pioneers from around the world reaching out in a single point to secure the inherent humanity and dignity of the every single wellbeing for protecting future atrocities. It proclaims a simple powerful idea: all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. With the declaration it was made clear that rights are not conferred by governments; they are the birth rights of all people. It doesn’t matter what country we live in, who our leaders are, or even who we are. Because human rights are birth right and every govt. around the world is undoubtedly bound to protect this right. Over the last few years there has been some major changes in our Society. Especially the wide spread of information technology, people has been connected in virtual life. Beside people has reached the flow of information across the globe. In spite all of this symbol of development, a special group is campaigning to spread-out the false rumors and partial truths through using social media. This trend is not only Bangladesh, but across the world, information technology is being misapplied, resulting in serious wounds in the society. Bangladesh has one of the most prominent partner of different success across the world, although the global predicament has been affected our country. Violence against children is a genuine infringement of human rights with noteworthy negative impact on children’s wellbeing and social advancement. The convention on the rights of the children states that all children have the right to be protected against all forms of violence including sexual abuse and exploitation.

At present violence against children is a global phenomenon. In spite of the presence of solid universal, territorial and national legal framework, children in Bangladesh continue to be abused and subjected to different forms of violence. Bangladesh continues to have one of the highest child marriage rates worldwide and the highest rate of marriage involving girls under 15. By the age of 18 years, 52% of children are victimized by child marriage, and by the age of 15 years, 18% children faced child marriage. Unequal distribution of power between men and women and structural gender discrimination is the root cause of gender based violence. The lack of human attribute call moral decay in a society, child sexual exploitation is one of them. Different study report indicated that the violence against children and gender base violence particularly child killing, rape, torture, sexual exploitation increased alarmingly contrasted to past time. Our Society is not still alert of child security. Consistently a death trap is being generated for them. It is necessary to eliminate the indifference for ensuring their better childhood.

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Despite we have observed the peaceful coexistence among the people from different religion, parties and beliefs in the past time, but at now people are being increasingly showing tremendous aggression and radicalized behavior which is destroying peace and harmony across the country. Progressive people are being more concerned about extremist exercise like Halley Artisan. Not only that, minorities’ communities are being more vulnerable across the world. Often people from minorities and indigenous have been object to violence and exclusion on political, social and religious issues. Furthermore, communal violence driven by political rivalries – long a problem for religious minorities – continues to take place, with perpetrators enjoying apparent impunity. As a result the minorities’ community are constantly being forced in the different forms of migration. Moreover different govt. across the world have been showing autocratic behavior. The biggest example of that the Rohingya crisis, which is an apparent action of ethnic cleaning according to OHCHR. Not only that, different govt. from across the world have been showing autocratic sign through creating barriers to express the frequent opinion of their citizen. It is a clearly violation of human rights which is the birth rights of every single wellbeing and not should be conferred by govt. It is the alarming time for all of us including govt. to take action for ensuring the rights of the single wellbeing. The govt. should think how they can protect the inherent humanity and dignity with ensuring security of women, girls, marginalized, indigenous people as well as every single lives toward sustainable development. Beside it is time for thinking of the leaders of the government how they can be showing more liberal attitude during their operational time. Each of us will have to come forward, to increase tolerance and building bridge among the different actors. We should identify those reason which destroying the peace, harmony and discipline as well as create partition and need to resolved locally to maintain peaceful coexistence.

Every school authority should be bounded to ensure the safety of children during the operation time. Beside they will have the opportunity to play a significant role in creating cosmopolitan humanitarian individuals. Our policy makers will have to think how the school can be transformed in a center of human development which is create universal liberal individuals. For this it is required to identify the deformity and take immediate steps for solution. The future of the world depends on the young. It is very urgent required to ensure the participation of youth in governance process as well as need to create a broader landscape for empowering themselves around the country. I strongly believe that our youth have the power to create a nondiscriminatory world where individuals enjoying the full measures of liberty. Finally all of our concerted effort may create a peaceful world free from violence and discrimination.


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