The Rights of the Gay Community: Marriage Should Be Legal

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“If you are a man, you can never be a woman.” Stated by the Senate President Vicente Sotto III on Wednesday, September 4, 2019. Was he correct to say such a thing about LGBTQ+? But what does LGBTQ+ actually represent? LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer and this term has been expanded to show a more clear representation of the gay group. The plus (+), on the other hand, stands for acceptance, love and the embracing of all. Citizens have started supporting this community and began to oppose the discrimination to the gay population in the society. Do you support the LGBTQ+ as well? Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people faced numerous disadvantages such as acquiring rights for a civil marriage, getting hired for a job, and being insulted by many people.

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And this is where SOGIE bill has been implemented. You might be wondering, what is SOGIE bill? It is known for the purpose to prohibit the acts of judgment towards people with different sexual preference. This has been read during the year of 2017 but has died in the senate, due to their disagreement. But yet again, it was refilled. Many rules have been included in the SOGIE equality bill. This includes: insulting a gay member would require a penalty of P500,000 and imprisonment of 6 years, priests and pastors will be stripped of their religious community if they refuse to perform a marriage of LGBTQ+ and other more. The SOGIE bill gives hope to people who are homosexual, giving them chances to feel the freedom of choosing the sex they truly are passionate about. This will protect LGBTQ+ kids at school and it will give equal access to LGBTQ persons to employment, education & social services.

Despite the countless agreement on this proposal, there are also contradictions towards it. It was stated by the Senate Vicente Sotto that females can’t be compared to the LGBTQ+, they have been born differently from the way transgender have been. And also stating that “transgender women are women” is a bill against women’s right. The SOGIE bill faced rejections seeing that this impedes on academic and religious freedom, the freedom of speech as well as women’s rights. But there is no rule in the bible that prevents a bisexual man to be hired or to limit the rights of a queer woman who wants lead and organize a gay group; it really relies on your personal beliefs.

Thus we conclude this essay by stating that we approve of this bill. Do you? Inequality has been a huge matter for this generation; people will need to learn that everyone can have their own liking. In the present time, a lot of religious communities are protesting and expressing their strong disbeliefs regarding SOGIE Bill. For us, it is not a bad thing to disagree on standing for their own religious beliefs but it is unfavorable that they are stripping the LGBTQs’ rights to what they truly deserve. The LGBTQ+ is not forcing us to accept them, they simply want to gain the respect that a normal person wants to obtain. They should recognize that they don’t need to be afraid to become who they want to be. We need to learn to empower the sexual fairness, but acknowledge the limitations and to not abuse this regulation. A man can feel like a woman after all and a woman can feel like a man.

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