The rise of women entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs can change the way we work and live today. If successful, their revolutions may improve our standard of living. The majority of today’s most prosperous brands and companies began as a brainchild of an individual who had a vision, embraced entrepreneurship and its risks and ran with it. Yet, while in theory entrepreneurship is anybody’s game, entrepreneurship has lacked in gender diversity resulting in rates of female entrepreneurship historically lagging those of their male counterparts. Thankfully, for the benefit of business, innovation, and society as a whole, we have seen an incredible turn around for females in the industry of entrepreneurship. Women are founding companies at a historic rate, with over 11 million female owned business in the U. S. today. These women-owned firms have grown to provide more than 5 million jobs in the U. S. and counting. The number of women-owned businesses has jumped almost 50% in the past 17 years. Why? Because we are good at it, and Jessica Proffitt Bracken, owner of the Emerald Coasts most successful PR firm, is certainly no exception to this statistic. Jessica Proffitt Bracken founded Proffitt PR over seven years ago.

Since opening in 2011, Proffitt PR has grown from being nurtured atop tables at local coffee shops and bookstores to now having a stylish brick-to-mortar location in Miramar Beach and hundreds of clients of record representing the entire Emerald Coast. A native of Miami and a long-time resident of Santa Rosa Beach, Bracken is highly involved in her “small but mighty” community, serving as a leader in several organizations. Bracken can often be found throwing a party or handling business. She has been honored with numerous awards for her entrepreneurship and advocacy efforts by organizations and publications all along the Florida Panhandle. In 2007 Bracken landed an internship as a Marketing Intern at The Destin Commons. The days of MySpace, prior to Facebook having business profiles and social media ruling the world. “I was able to create all of the social media profiles for the shopping center and really saw an opportunity with online presence. There weren’t any other firms in the area that specialized in social media for business paired with PR, marketing, event planning, etc. ” said Bracken. “So after five years in the corporate marketing world, I took the leap of faith, started Proffitt PR and I haven’t looked back since. ” Described as a savvy, boutique consulting firm and completely staffed by women, Proffitt PR specializes in making you and your brand look good using tools such as public relations, strategic marketing, social media management, advertising, community relations, branding, digital marketing and sponsorships. As a boss lady to an amazing army of high-heeled soldiers, Bracken and her team have garnered awards for Profitt PR from Destin Magazine as the Best Public Relations Firm for five consecutive years, Best PR/Advertising Firm and Best Event Planning Firm from Emerald Coast Magazine in 2015, 2016, and 2017, and Finest on the Emerald Coast Best Public Relations/Ad Agency from Northwest Florida Daily News in 2016. “In 2011, when I decided to venture out on my own to help businesses in our community better connect with their customers, I hoped that we would be here one day,” Bracken said. “I started by attending every networking event on the Emerald Coast that I could, and now we’ve helped over 100 local, national and international brands create the social media presence and brand recognition they deserve. ” In addition to establishing itself as the go-to public relations, advertising, social media management and event planning firm in the community, Proffitt PR has also made giving back a top priority. The company is behind the highly successful Girls Night Out, a semi-quarterly event that brings women throughout the Emerald Coast together to raise money for local charities, and has collectively raised nearly $50,000. Thriving off of pressure and the high intensity situations of PR and event planning, Proffitt PR has yet to come across a task that they cannot pass with flying colors. “We throw events that aim to draw thousands of people and it never fails, every event day I get nervous that no one will show up.

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Thankfully that’s never happened. ” Said Bracken. Overcoming the pressure with a positive mindset is how I handle the situation and when things go smoothly and end successfully, there is nothing more gratifying. ” On May 25, 2016, Bracken and her team hosted a ribbon cutting and grand opening at Proffitt PR’s new location in The Market Shops of Destin, signifying five years of old-fashioned hustle and hard work. But what’s next for the PR master mind and her team? “I am currently looking to opening a second office on 30A since the majority of our business is in South Walton. I have thought about expanding throughout the southeast and potentially Colorado, my husband and I’s favorite place! We’ll see what the future holds!” Bracken said. As her business continues to grow into a PR gold mine, Bracken’s gratitude for her community remains. “I am just so thankful for where we are today; everything we do gets so much support from the community,” Bracken said. “I think people know that we have a passion for what we do, we work hard, and we deliver a truly custom approach to public relations, advertising, social media management and events that you can’t get elsewhere. ” From investing to travel and everything in between, women entrepreneurs of today, such as Jessica Proffitt Bracken, are fearlessly and courageously charting unknown territories. They are proceeding with unconstrained enthusiasm to change the world around them, make a difference with their ideas, seek solutions that have never been sought, take a stand against social norms, run multimillion dollar companies and generate employment for many. Each of them is scripting her own success story and creating history in today’s new age world.


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