The Rising Popularity of Online Dating: Key Elements


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Over the past few years, online dating has been on the increase. This phenomenon is caused by many factors, including the busy schedules many people have. People have a higher tendency to lie on online platforms as opposed to having in-person dating experience. In the article titled, “What Happened After I Removed from My Dating Profiles Any Pictures that Showed My Disabilities”, Jason Laughlin talks about how the ladies he dated online reacted differently to his desire to forge a romantic relationship with them depending on whether he was honest or not about his disability. Reading the article, I came to the conclusion that in online dating, it’s important to be honest about your appearance, your interests, and who you truly are as a person if you want to truly find a potential date. To begin with, a person should not lie about his or her appearance.

According to Laughlin, “Unfortunately, whether someone gives you a shot on apps such as Tinder or Bumble depends very heavily on what you look like’. People have a distinct taste when it comes to dating. Some people prefer certain physical attributes in terms of height, weight, and color. Because of that, some people are likely to be turned off by a person who does not fit the profile of their potential romantic lover. Therefore, it’s important to put up a real picture of you. At the same time, an individual should not lie about his or her interests. In his article, Laughlin says that some things are crucial for a relationship to spark, and they include: shared values, attraction, and chemistry. When it comes to dating, many times, the spark is created by people having shared interests and things they may have in common. However, if the spark is falsely achieved, the resulting romantic relationship will be dead on arrival. The spark can be created falsely, for instance, by one lying about his or her interests. That is why it is important to be honest about your interests. On the other hand, one can lie about things that are likely to trigger potential daters to overlook his or her unique traits. Lying about being a professional footballer or a son to a prominent person can reduce a person’s chance of getting real love online. For instance, the simple mention that he was a journalist seemed to attract much interest from the girls that Laughlin was interacting with in his online dating experience.

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Laughlin says that when he asked one lady what was she was up to, she responded ‘Talking to a cute journalist’. This quote suggests that it is possible that the lady in question could have reacted differently if Laughlin was not a journalist. That is why it’s important to be honest about who you are. In conclusion, more people are considering online dating as an option for meeting romantic partners. However, online dating has its downfalls, one of them being the increased likelihood of people lying about their physical appearance, interests and occupation or status. Therefore, one should be cautious when getting into an online relationship, seeing if what is being portrayed to them is actually truth. But with that, it is also important to be honest about who you truly are, if you want it to actually work in the long run.

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