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The Role and Benefits of Good Cyber Security in a Company's Marketing

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In any organization, marketing is aimed at creating awareness by using effective advertising techniques, selling and delivering the products and understanding the needs of the clients. Due to increase in adoption of technology in most organizations, marketing has become more online than it was before. Internet has become the point of contact and interaction between the clients and the company and creates the need to have good cyber security for clients. The main aim of securing the contact between the company and the client is to make the client feel secure. Tis can be used as a marketing tool as well.

Thesis; Good cyber security measures are good marketing for companies

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Analysis of the data

According to a marketing article published in the Harvard Business Review on good cyber security and good marketing, 89% of the clients expect the stores they shop at to have the latest online apps and security measures (Lucas et al 3). With increase in credit card and online fraud there is need for companies to up their cyber security in order to protect their clients. A descent illustration is the master and visa chip enhanced debit cards. They reduce card scheming. Another one is the extra security protocol put in place by Google while logging in from a new device which requires entering a code sent to the mobile number or receiving a voice call (Lucas et al 4). There is also the one click online transaction which has significantly reduced errors and frauds since a card can only transact.

The pros of using cyber security to enhance marketing

There are various benefits of having a good and advanced cyber security in relation to marketing products. 88% of consumers expect that their favorite stores are constantly improving the security levels when it comes to their mode of payment (Lucas et al 3). The more secure payment methods and websites are the more consumers they will attract. The other benefit is that constant communication with clients is very essential to keep abreast with the changes in the security features this offers a platform for the company to be able to market its products to the clients by using links and motion adverts. While constantly improving cyber security by adding on layers that prevent hacking and asking for information, the company is able to understand the demography and consumer behavior of its clientele base and can easily be able to device products that will cater to the needs of these clients. The more information a company has on their clients, the better because they are able to increase the utility of the consumers.

Increased cyber security also allows for the company to provide automated recommendations to the clients as per their preferences which is ultimately based on the history. This makes it easier for clients to buy more products as opposed to if the recommendations were not made. Additionally they get to market the product for the companies by creating a referral platform. Cyber security leads to loyal clients as they feel safe while dealing with the company remotely. This is the ultimate goal of any company to acquire and maintain a loyal client that does alter based on competing products and is improves the brand’s name.

The cons of cyber security and adverse effects on marketing

The increased in the layers of processes that a client has to undergo in order to access products, pay for them or even request them can deter potential buyers from a website as it becomes too tedious. This will reflect negatively on marketing as the adverts and recommendations will no longer reach the desired people and consequently be counter-productive. The other con of increased cyber security is that it asks clients for information about them like phone number, personal email address, physical address and most of the clients may not feel free to share this information as it is quite personal. This will make the process to be null as the information required to secure and recommend products will be halted. Clients also may fail to give out their phone numbers and email addresses because they fear being bombarded with text messages and emails recommending products.

As stated in the article cyber security is becoming less dependent on passwords and pins and more dependent on bio-data (Lucas et al 4). This change opens a door to new tactics of fraud and robbery that ultimately put the client’s safety at risk because they have to be involved in the process since their bio-data is part of the requirements to unlock accounts.


Cyber security is a counter-mechanism that has to be part and parcel of the increase need to market using cyber platforms. When used correctly it installs confidence in clients and ensures loyalty. Conversely when companies over indulge, it deters potential clients and reduces the effects of marketing on the target population.


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