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The Role Of Animals For Native Americans

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In the beginning, the sea was the earth and the sea turtle was Mother Earth. A turtle can live up to 150 years. It is the symbol of good health and a long life. The hard shell of the sea turtle represents protection and perseverance. The shell is used to distribute medicines because it is associated with spiritual healing properties and is known for saving mankind from great floods. Mother Earth, or the sea turtle, takes on the hardships of the people and of the earth she helped create on her shell without complaining or showing feelings.

The sea turtle and many other animals helped create the earth before the mother of life appeared. The sea turtle dove deep into the sea to gather mud. The mud was brought to surface on the turtles back to begin creating earth. The beaver, with its determination and strong-will also played a role in creating the earth. Beavers are hard-working and will not quit until they succeed. They are very productive and use any resources available to them to good use. Ducks are an important part of the creation of earth. They are believed to be connected with the spiritual world. They travel between the spiritual and real world. Ducks are able to communicate with the physical universe and the mystical spiritual spheres. A flying duck is linked with spiritual freedom and the swimming duck represents the land of unconsciousness. Birds were equally responsible for creating earth. A mocking bird symbolizes intelligence; it was said to be the teacher of speech, helping people speak. Seagulls can mean endurance but can also be antagonistic. They are noisy, aggressive and greedy. Birds, like humans, are different in many ways but there is one thing all birds have in common. Birds serve as messengers for the creator of life and also help humans communicate with the spiritual world. Just as birds travel in flocks, humans also form tribes.

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Once the animals begun to create the earth, a goddess fell onto the sea turtle’s shell through a hole in the sky. The sky goddess falls from heaven to begin the creation of life. The sea turtle and other animals work continuously to bring mud to the surface so that the sky goddess could spread the mud to build more earth for the sky goddess to walk upon. Other birds helped create mountains with the flap of their wings. The sky goddess is the mother of life. She gives birth to twins, one being good, the other being evil. The good twin was born normal. The bad twin broke out through his mother’s side killing her. The twins mark the beginning of the fight between order and chaos. The good twin represents light, or daytime, and life, while the bad twin represents darkness, or the night, and death. The bad twin brings destruction to the world and the good twin helps people. The rainbow is the border of where the sun sets and rises and is the way of the holy spirits. Rainbows ensure that all of our troubles will surpass, it allows you to think that there is hope for new beginnings and for prosperity.

Native Americans strongly believed that animals and plants should be treated with respect by humankind. They wholeheartedly felt that animals and plants were the reason earth was created. Native Americans believed that if land was sold, the sea should be sold, along with everything else because land and sea was created for the use of humankind.


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