The Role of Education in Our Life

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Throughout the general schooling a person has to go through, one is taught to learn the material, study hard for their tests, get a good grade, and continue on to the next lesson. Going through an education this way may cause people to not remember what they learned two weeks ago, but they feel happy that they at least got the grade they needed to pass the course. As good as it is to get a passing grade, it is also very important to actually think about and learn the information. A student must go in depth with the material and really think about what they are learning to really benefit from the learning. If one wants to have the ability to see the different views and ideas between that of a scientist and that of a literary professional, see the world in a deeper and more in depth way, and ultimately succeed in their career or profession successfully, they must learn how to be a thinker. There is a notion that the only education someone needs is what is required of them in their career.

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A traditional school is a waste of time and money, and a trade school that teaches you specifically what the profession needs, is the absolute right way to go. However, it is foolish to think that once someone begins to prepare for a specific field, they don’t need to learn about anything else that does not surround their specific topic. It is extremely important for a mathematician to understand the basic ideas of literature because without the understanding of reading, it would be very difficult for them to get the whole aspect of their profession. Knowing and understanding the different subjects is crucial for everyone. It allows for someone to think about their profession from a different point of view. Typically, someone who works with numbers and the sciences, they are used to getting a straightforward answer. There are no emotions involved, the answer is just the way it is, there’s nothing that can change the facts.

In literature, however, there are different ideas that are always floating around. There are many different ways to come to a conclusion in the studies of humanity. It is important to know how to think through a problem critically but also emotionally. Knowing both ways on how to get an answer makes someone more of a thinker. They are able to see a question and realize the thought processes that each side has. One misconception that a lot of people aren’t aware of is the difference between knowing what something is and understanding what something is. Someone may know that the first element on the periodic table is Hydrogen. But, they may not understand why it was put as the first element. When reading poetry, it may say that the weather was cold and dreary, but it is different knowing that it was was gloomy out and understanding why it was gloomy out. To truly understand something, there needs to be pondering, reflecting upon, wondering. If someone simply memorizes, there isn’t any thought going into it. Thinking creates more in depth realizations and thoughts. They will be able to look into a situation a lot deeper than someone who were just to glance over something without putting any thought into it. When one learns to understand, rather than to learning to know, that’s when the thinking begins. If a person lives their life being a thinker, their outlook on life will be completely different.

Along with the outlook, the connections they will be able to make with others will greatly increase as well. The ability to think about and understand the different opinions and beliefs of other people helps to connect different ideas and thoughts together. Without these connections, it would be difficult for anyone to ever get along or agree on anything. If someone is so close-minded, nothing would ever be able to be accomplished, and no problem would ever be solved. If all people could come together and have a thinker mentality, it would lead to a number of creative thoughts and ideas; more than anyone could ever imagine. When a child is born, it is unknown what their future will look like. They aren’t able to comprehend simple things that takes older people less than half a second to think about. It takes time and effort for a child to learn elementary basics like reading, writing, or counting. But, as they grow older and start to learn all of the fundamentals, they can begin to see what they are capable of doing in their future. They could become a scientist, a New York Times bestselling author, or even the President of the United States. Although these careers are completely different from each other, if the child does decide to pursue one of these careers, they will need to acquire a general education with the knowledge of all of the different subjects. There is no point in focusing on one area when each profession requires a lot of information from all of the other subjects.

Almost all people have a drive in them to be at the top. Competition is what pushes humans to go out and apply for the job, run the race, or simply, be the best. In the professional world, one of the most important things that creates the best workers is all of the knowledge they have. As a thinker, the ability to apply knowledge to many different situations is what makes someone succeed the most in their career. The more information and details a person knows, the easier it is to do their job, and the ability to do it well. If people only ever thought about their expertise, they would never be able to connect their knowledge with anything else. Their mastery almost becomes useless if they don’t have an understanding of anything else.

The human brain is capable of holding up to the equivalent of 4.7 billion books (Telegraph Reporter) of information. It seems as though humans never stop learning. If someone only learns what’s necessary for their main focus in life, it is a waste of one of the most complex structures in the world. Although it may seem useless to learn something that isn’t vital to a specific profession, the extra information can be applied to something different that will ultimately help someone. To be a thinker, one must understand, not just know. Make sure to always do something original. Never stick to the textbook; always look at the world in a bigger way, have original thoughts, and always be ready to learn something new.

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