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The Role Of Employee Monitoring In An Organization

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I am interested in human resource management, employee behavior, organizational leadership, satisfaction, and performance. This aspect cannot be handled without delving into the component of employee monitoring. It is on this basis that I decided to propose employee monitoring a potential research topic for the assignment. Moreover, in my literature review course and assignment, I focused on leadership styles which could not have been a success without studying how to monitor employees within an organization.

Again, employee monitoring is a hot topic with respect to the ethical issues that affect organizations where employee are put under supervision and subjected to different motivation factors to impact on their outcome. Lastly, the topic has been handled in the past by different authors. This gives my research an advantage since I will be identifying and filling research gaps in the topic as well as looking at the contemporary ethical issues in the world of today’s human resource monitoring.

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The drivers of an organization are the employees. They are such an important factor that the existence of an organization cannot be without them. Their role should be in line with their contractual or employment duties. They must be accountable to their supervisors. Sometimes, they err while on the course of their duties. The mistakes could lead to financial loss through damage to the company image, theft through technology, reduced productivity. It is worth noting the employees could make the mistakes willfully with personal and selfish interests while some other mistakes are inevitable. Either way, 4thical issues will arise. For instance, it affects the supervisor response which could distract the entire running of the organization, or the response could affect the employee’s morale. Insider careless mistakes could lead to huge financial implications that could even affect other employees through job loss. It could lead to legal suits.

Today, employee monitoring has gone virtual in the most case whereby the monitoring is done through the use of technology strategies. These are policies that are put in place to control the actions of employees when using Technology avenues such as the social media including Twitter and Facebook among others. The rules and policies aimed at securing the organization’s vital information from attack or from being stolen which could occur during the use of company technology devices like computers.

The employee use of company computer is monitored to make sure that they do not carry out other activities other than those allowed. The key areas covered by the security policies include a connection to company internet and use of personal devices at work, and download activities using the organization computers. Once employees could expose or leak company information through social media pot. The rules are stringent such that the employees are subjected to disciplinary actions I the behavior is found to be unacceptable.

It is difficult for the employees to embrace the policies and rules. This brings in security challenges. Employees, in most cases, love a freestyle existence within the organization such that the rules are less strict. Implementation of the security policies could lead to employees’ lack of motivation. Issues arise with the disciplinary measures which could be inconsistent. It is therefore critical to m determine the ethical issues that arise with the monitoring of employees and the application of disciplinary measures against deviance behavior or non-compliance.

The monitoring and supervision of employees need to undergo some revolution aimed at improving the employee monitoring process within organizations. The improvement and review will enable organizations to come up with measures that enable compliance with security policies. The enhancement of compliance strategies will bring positivity in the handling of employee behavior. This review could assist in the identification and development of new ideas for employee compliance. It is in this line that the research study in food production area reviews measures which could be applied to improve compliance.


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