The Role of Friendship in Our Life


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Friendship is something that share mutual interest that mostly occurred between two people who have similar taste or hobbies or nature that help them to understand each other. Friendship depend upon on single step which is most important “loyalty”, everyone in this world need someone who can kept their secret as safe as precious diamond and always motivate us and never make you fall. Friendship is something which comes with ample of needs and hundreds of satisfactions. Even, Morrison and Cooper-Thomas, in 2013 also convict different views among the relations. They have investigated that relations are of two forms dyadic relationships and in terms of cliques. Moreover, different cultures offer different friendships. Personal growth and emotional support are the majors of soul mates, being a good friend our emotions, personal growth, the way of our living, are the subsequences which must be treated respectively. Lincoln & Miller subjects that friendship is a pair of stress and strain.

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Friendship is a lifeline which comes with hopes and life lessons for togetherness. Everything might fade in this world, but a true color of friendship will be never be diminished. The need of yourself is the demand of today’s friendship. The friendship is not only about to sharing equal shores bot apart from this, it’s a feeling of love, emotions, acceptance, and empathy for each. Friendship is to share happiness and despondency as we have someone who feels happy when we are happy. Friendship does not depend upon money material thing as it depends upon small thing like sharing your happiness, sorrow, in sharing secret and sharing a bond that make them special. Friendship is who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden it also refreshes the soul. Friendship is like another soul we have, with whom we share each and everything. True happiness comes through well-maintained relations, outstanding experience and with positive feelings for yourself. Yes, it’s true that life is full of discouragement but having soulmates together makes everything alright. According to journal personal relationships researcher it’s well-mentioned that in old age friendships connections are found to be stronger than family connectivity.

Friendship is to be shared openly with clear obligations, honesty, confidence and many more, which one cannot attain in front of their family. Yes, no doubt friends are no more important as compared to a family but in near situations, some issues cannot be communal with family. When it comes to undermining trust, friends tell masses of our secret. Consequently, family sharing is alternatively completed stably when we sit with our family but apart from this, the things we enjoyed outside that everything cannot be shared with family and be infrequently done. Furthermore, self-monitoring always comes with the environmental conditions and a high self-monitoring is not possible while staying with friends. A family is what comes with a positive attitude for yourself, but they do not care from our hope. Beside this, friends are those with who we share our personal feelings. Trust begins with friends and friends begin with happiness. Life is consisting of hopes, a new chance, and with new expectations. No matter what matters but life without friends is like the boat without boatman. The beginning of our seminary life consists of friends then the college life with friend’s life is non-worthy without networks.

Friends are those who always come into action whenever they are in need, expectations of life are hard to consider without true soul mates. Besides this, according to a different survey of Bridge & Baxter, they commit even our fore parents similarly have virtuous friend circle, and they have loved their life accurately and pleasingly. Last but not least, explanation and determination of life can never be filled with correct supports. Life is all about having decent friends and soul mates who make us mere with the daily repetitive of natural life.

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