The Role of Imagination and Knowledge in the Scientific Development

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Iben-dike says, 'Along with the treasures of Aladdin, there are innumerable treasures hidden on the earth, but their keys are kept hidden in sophisticated words.' The speaker does not merely explain the problems presented, the classification itself but the imagination it also gives information about what people should do and where to walk along the way. The proportion of this imagery is as clear and as sophisticated as the proportion of the public is the means and the imaginative person becomes the creditor. The speaker should not remain as an artist of words, he must be thoughtful, and his sharp imagination should be so sophisticated that the picture of future possibilities could be taken on the mind. If possible, if possible, the possible depiction of the potential of the bright future by adopting undesirable and correct activities, this image will be able to work in the 'gold in the form of fragrance' mixed with power speech.

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Einstein used to say - 'Imagination is more important than knowledge.' Pierce has told even more dignitaries than the scholars of the imaginative. They say, 'All the scientific inventions of the world will be credited to the modest imagination of their researchers. Laboratories are the test instruments, in fact, creation and creation are the sharpness of the imagination.' Lord imagines the divine eye of the soul Used to say Swami Vivekananda has written - 'Holy imagination is as sacred as pure karma.' The speaker should be immersed in high fantasies. On this basis, he will be able to inspire the future to walk in the direction of progress by taking the right picture of the beautiful possibilities, by throwing them on the mind and heart.

Intelligent speakers help in developing the intellectuals of the present masses. The practitioner of the exercise school teaches how many bets and screws up to their pupils from health promotion to wrestling. The speaker also trains the masses and how people should think and how, by doing, what level of success should they achieve. In the field of medicine, crafts, literature, etc. teachers are engaged in making their students more knowledgeable and more experienced. The function of the speaker is also about the same type. He leads the field of thinking and moves forward in the context of the general purpose of the mind-wisdom presented to the intellect. It's a big job and a big responsibility.

Like the democrats-if the effects of the great-grandchildren are produced in speech, then they should earn power by moving into life-oriented activities. Highly placed considerations should be placed in the brain. Whenever the idea of the worst category is to enter the mind, it should be constantly trying to expel and try to establish idealistic beliefs in their place. Slowly the root of the mischief will be cut and the thoughts will be established at that place. The same thing is in relation to the activity. From rising in the morning to night, the daily routine should be made every day. For her laziness, there should be no scope for undesirable activities.

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