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The Role Of Innovation, Intrapreneurship, And Creativity in a Company’s Success: a Case Of Buzzfeed

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An increasing rate of technological change has forced many organizations to become better processors of innovation and change to enhance their organizational effectiveness. Innovation, intrapreneurship, and creativity are intertwined concepts that can lead to a company’s success if they have a full understanding of how vital each concept is to build a knowledge-creating organization. BuzzFeed is a great example of how their creative, innovative, intrapreneur employees has led to their success.

Fast Company named, BuzzFeed, as their 17th world’s most innovative company in 2017. Initially New York based, internet media company, BuzzFeed, was founded in 2006 by entrepreneur, Jonah Peretti. BuzzFeed is now a global, cross-platform network which has grown from shareable news posts, quizzes, GIFs to deep political coverage, breaking, and in-depth global news. In 2017, it received 5 billion views per month and has raised $400 million in investment.

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With an innovative obsessed culture and structure, BuzzFeed has created an open culture that supports its growth in audience and mandate. They foster a culture of research, collaboration, equality, humble assurance, while instilling hard work and enjoyment. Their creative appeal encourages creative candidates to have the want to be a part of their team. They even mention on their site how their “employees are reporters, writers, multi-hyphenate producers, data scientists, designers, engineers, creatives, brand strategists, and more”. They use exclusive technology and current data metrics to constantly test, learn and optimize. Their workflow and products are constantly evolving to better serve their audience.

BuzzFeed’s growth can be attributed to their environment that allows their talented creative people to be innovative without a lot of hierarchical interference from leadership. The organization has what they believe are “few” internet innovators but they believe they can teach others’ lessons of virality through their Fellows program which is a five-month compensated internship that assures to educate the next generation of editors the secrets of social web. They inspire each other to develop tools and design content that assists to connect people all over the world. As BuzzFeed continues to provide their audience with innovative and creative content, BuzzFeed’s web dominance should continue apace.


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