The Role of Iot in the Prediction of Natural Disasters

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The environment is also a major part of nature and it affect a lot more even human cannot be live without certain natural elements like oxygen, or water which found everywhere naturally. But now the one question is comes into mind why need IoT for it? The following areas which uses IoT to save natural or environmental things.

a. Forest fire detection

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A jungle or can say a forest have lots of tree, animals, stones, etc. Sometimes due to drop of a light during rain it. In that case nature or forest harm from that accident which cannot be controllable. Now to keep a track of the forest activity using IoT is simple. Put some sensors which senses the fire or can say temperature, if temperature change abnormally than it will send signals to some system that will alert to headquarter which can be located at any place to rescue or to stop the further expanding of fire. Generally a temperature sensor or a fire sensor or a smoke recognition sensor can help us to prevent the loss.

b. Air pollution

Natural air is very much important for the health life which births by human or animals as well. Air can make you problematic or you can be sleep or can drop to ground, it affect or need to live a life. Air pollution affect the ozean layer which is located in environment layer of earth. Now the question is how to detect it? And where to put the devices. In the industrial area IoT devices help us to major the temperature, air pollutions and all. Air pollution monitoring system can be developed with the help of the IoT devices. A cloud burst can be happen if we not keep track of air pollution. Some sensor are available to major it known as “LWPA sensors” which can be wearable or attachable to any vehicle or buildings or home or any physical places. This kind of devices places by the govt. and views and monitors the changes. It can help full in maps, wether forecast and everywhere. The group device network generates a large system which can predict the nature or rain in certain region. So it much help full to use. There are lots of sensors are available which can be senses the water, snow, fire, temperature, etc.

c. Earthquake detection

The earthquake is a natural disaster which can harm an economy or property. It detection is help full to keep safe from the many loss. It can major the vibrations of the earthquake on the surface but however it is not predictable before earthquake but it can senses the vibrations of the disasters.

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