The Role of Luck, Faith and Hard Work in Success

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Is too much luck a good thing? Or should you be scared if you have too much luck for a time? I’m sure we all know about Tyche. If not, let’s have a quick rundown. Tyche is the Greek goddess of good luck and fortune and known to either give good luck to the hard workers or sometimes just give good luck at random. It’s all great when you see students passing exams, mortals winning money from the lottery, and even gain the courage to simply tell their crush that they like them.

But is too much good luck a good thing? My godly parent, Nemesis, doesn’t seem to think so. She’s the goddess of revenge, balance, and justice. And let’s just say with the rise of good things, my mother has been giving bad luck to the mortals for balance. There has been a drastic rise in people arriving late to an important meeting, tripping while carrying groceries, and a mass amount of mortals losing something.

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If you look closely around the streets in the mortal world, you see lots of people either being happy or being incredibly freaked out because they see a black cat wandering the city. A lot of mortals can be seen picking up a penny to see if they get good or bad luck for the day. At the rate they’re going, there’ll be zero coins left on the streets. Stores selling good luck charms say they are sold out to the waiting customers.

Do you think it’s the work of these two goddesses? Is Tyche to blame for starting the whole problem? Or is it Nemesis’s fault? You’ve heard both sides of the story, so what’s your opinion? Personally, I’d rather stay neutral. I’m not about to risk my mother’s wrath just for this article. Because at this point, I’m not sure being the daughter of Nemesis makes me any safer from this mess than a mortal. I guess it will all depend on luck, er, fate to see where my place will be. Whatever you demigods believe, pray to your godly parent for safety. If you’re a risk taker, go ahead and play to Tyche and Nemesis themselves to see what happens. Let’s just say that if this unspoken competition continues, expect both the good luck and the bad luck will be more common. Hopefully, Tyche decides to bless you or Nemesis chooses to spare you. Stay safe everyone and a piece of free advice: Don’t walk under a ladder on your way out!

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