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The Role Of Music in My Life

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The Start of My Passion

My musical journey began in childhood. I am a pianist who has joyously played for a decade. I also now take music in my life. It is the first self taught and longest course I have ever taken.

Intellectual Curiosity

My haven for solace is in a world of Bach’s cantatas and Chopin’s nocturne. Piano has enhanced my intellectual curiosity because it enables me to explore the millions of combinations of key signatures and chords that await to become attached to a sheet of staff lines and spaces. These explorations have directed my mind to formulate roundabout methods of thinking about hard math problems, when a straightforward approach does not lead to an answer.

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Taking Risks

Discovering and perfecting vastly different musical styles and composers such as Beethoven and Chopin has embedded within me the ability to take calculated risks. I am now compelled to go beyond my comfort zone and try any activity that interests me in the slightest. I have thus sampled scientific research, programming, calculus and even aerial yoga, all of which are now household favorites. Observing and interpreting every minute notation correctly and beautifully while playing piano has encoded within me attention to detail. I use these skills to efficiently code edge cases while programming and also to observe and reason outliers during science labs. Thus, playing piano makes me think outside the box. It has made me take into account the unusual aspects of a STEM experiment or problem.

Order and Balance

The art of practicing diligently to correctly emphasize different aspects of music while also maintaining harmony and musicality has taught me the importance of order and balance in life. The bonds I have made throughout my life have endured through stress. These powerful bonds were formed when my mother and friends persevered with me by encouraging me to endure against the adversity of complex pieces of musical literature. Thus, piano is not only an extracurricular activity for me, but also the most important source for creating nurturing relationships and learning environments.

Self Discovery

Music has also allowed me to experience profound self discovery as with different pieces, distinct shades of emotions of mine are gripped and magnified; it evokes calmness, gratitude, peace and devotion within me at a microscopic level. Although I aspire for a career as an artificial intelligence researcher and computer scientist, I hope piano is always present in my life to make the journey more exciting and beautiful.


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