The Role of Need in the Drug Addiction and Abuse


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Drug addiction has become a major issue all over the world, as every part of the world is getting affected by drug addiction and drug trafficking, and most of the drug addicts are struggling between life and death due to drug abuse. India also is affecting day by day with this problem, and the number of drug addicts are getting high with the time increasing. On the basis of UN report, the number of heroin addicts in India is registered as one million, but unofficially the number is five million. (, 2019) It is becoming an epidemic for the young generation, as because of increasing economic stress, altering cultural values, and decrease in supportive bonds, they are initiated towards drug abuse. In India, the most commonly used drugs are heroin, cannabis, and other pharmaceutical drugs produced in India, and in many states analgesics like dextropropoxyphene are used intravenously, as it is cheaper as one tenth of the price of heroin.

Drug addiction is not a one problem, but it is associated with many different problems like increasing domestic violence, increasing crime rate, related medical illnesses like HIV/ Hepatitis, and other psychological illnesses. It affects the financial status, and also develop conflicts between the family members and gives emotional pain to every single family member of the drug addicts.

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I personally experienced the affect of the drug addiction, as my younger brother got addicted to cannabis, when he was only 16, he tried it first with the peer of friend just for fun, but when he got addicted, he started showing aggressive behaviour to get money to satisfy his demand of cannabis. I think it was the negligence of my parents, as they both were working, and also, he was the youngest one from all of us, so he was free to do anything. My whole family was in stress due to him, as he was getting addicted to the drugs, and he also tried an intravenous injection of any drug, due to that he also got infected by Hepatitis C. We tried a lot to help him to get rid of his addiction, but nothing helped. Then few years later, he started showing symptoms of Bipolar affective disorder, and now he is on continuous antipsychotic drugs, and every time we need one person with him, as he has left home twice, but now due the love and care given by my family he is fine, but on medications. So, this gives me an inspiration to help the persons who are affected by drug abuse, and who could be affected by it. India is my home country and it has increasingly high rate of young generation getting addicted to any of the other drug kind, therefore, I decided to make some efforts to work on this issue.

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