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The Role of Sir Robert Peel's Nine Principles of Policing in Law Enforcement

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Robert Peel’s Principles of Policing has been a well-incorporated structure for the law enforcement community since it enforces the law by patrolling efficiently rather than the use of violent force. Many of these principles are still applied to our modern law local law enforcement. Good appearance, a perfect command of temper and proper training, are just a few of the many qualities that a law enforcement officer must maintain to be successful. Law enforcement officers are often required to meet the expectations that the community demands, it is expected that the officers establish a sense of power that makes them feel safe but wearing a badge and carrying a gun is simply not enough, it is anticipated that officers carry a well-respected image. Uniforms are a proper system to look professional and have authority that efficiently creates an environment of respect towards the officers;

According to the article “The Evolution of the Police Officer’s Uniform and Why Does It Matter”, when police officers arrive at a scene their presence must call the attention of the people there, and it should automatically present respect, consistency, and strength. (Herzing University, 2018). However, if an officer shows up to a scene with a uniform that looks sloppy, messy and with the no proper shaving, people would not take that officer serious because his appearance wasn’t serious for the officer either. This is highly important to this time because the expectations haven’t changed, and the community still expects a well-ironed uniform, correctly set up, clean, etc. to show respect and to feel their sense of power. Discipline among police officers is one of the factors they must dominate to keep themselves in good standing not only for their superiors but as well as for the community, good temperament falls in this category.

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Handling their temperament might be difficult because their profession also brings hate towards themselves, with hate it brings harsh comments or nonviolent actions against them, and managing this properly might be a challenge but self-control, self-discipline, emotional maturity between others are common features that could help the officer accomplish a good temperament. (Characteristics of an Ideal Police Officer, Capps, Larry, 2014. ) When officers aren’t accomplishing a good temperament the community will find their weak point and could potentially use that to hurt the officer career. Nowadays were many protests, riots, and movements going on, an officer must maintain a good temperament to handle the situation properly and make their job less stressful. While being a police officer seems easy to others, they have to follow an intensive process before gaining their badge, proper training shapes an officer to face many difficulties and handle them with appropriate conduct. But continuous training might benefit not only the officers by giving them confidence, competence, their communication skills, and their conduct, but also helps the department to improve. (A Need for Change: The Importance of Continued Training and Education for Modern Day Police Officers Michael K. McHenry, Pg. 6).

When officers are subjected to training is less likely for them to commit common mistakes and actually improve their critical thinking, it won’t make them fear to take decisions and/or actions and will highly prepare for the majority of situations they will potentially encounter today. Robert Peel’s Principles of Policing are still important to this day and age were officers are under many expectations, but three of them that are still used today for our modern local law enforcement are, good appearance, a good manage of temper and proper training, these help our law enforcement to work efficiently by proper patrolling and avoids violence between the community, and the law enforcement officers.


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