The Role of Technologies in Our Lives

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The role of technology in our lives today have become very dependent. Any and everything that we do is technology dependent. People tend to connect more with others through social media rather than talking face to face. Also, it is making multitasking an easier thing to do. Technology makes us inactive with little or no physical activity.

Back in the day, our grandparents, even our parents, grew up with very little or no technology. Things like headphones, cell phones and laptops weren’t even thought of so people had to find out news in a newspaper. Our parents would go outside and play with their friends instead of sitting in the house and not doing anything. Millennials have all the technology that they need to help themselves throughout life. In today’s generation, we are so busy on our phones that we don’t enjoy nature as much as we should be.

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TV People is apart of Realism because the book states that “what is clearly at stake is the protagonist encounter with television- a medium that has fundamentally transformed late twentieth century culture”. This is true because technology came about in 1840. Haruki expressed Japanese situations through most of his works that can be seen in today’s society. He captures elements in the late twentieth century. In the story, the theme seems to be set on the world of television and glossy magazines.

Technology plays a huge role in our lives today and we couldn’t imagine living without it. It’s not just for communicating but also be able to travel across the world and spread awareness to cure different types of diseases. It gives you more freedom and options, but at the same time, we have to think about the downfall of it like problems that every country faces and illegal weapons being used. Technology is constantly moving fast at a pace where we can’t keep up. It constructs and support opportunities and quantity for people to carry out business with each other.

Technology nowadays helps shape the future and it makes it more suitable with nature. It adds value to society and it makes human life more simple. For this, it needs to be discussed with experts from many different fields and we have to relate the technology to organizations and the culture in which it should work. Technology has positive and negative sides too, but we as people need to learn that it can be helpful for human beings and the community 30 years from now. The technology we create now sets up plans in the future and that it make things simpler and less difficult.

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