Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Education Process and How It Can Negatively Affect Kids Health

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“Technology is just a tool in terms of getting the kids working together & motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” “Bill Gates”. technology has assumed a major part in changing the manner in which our children learn, how they communicate with companions, it affected their level of imagination, and how they carry on in society. children utilize more technology compared with kids in 1990. It isn’t awful to give our youngsters innovative apparatuses like iPad, computer games, PCs, and so forth, however it is our part as guardians to direct them on the most proficient method to utilize this innovation and furthermore set points of confinement on when to utilize particular mechanical instruments. Technology has so many benefits on our life but there might violence on mobile phones, TV and internet which may reflect on children with negative psychological, physical, academic reflects.

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Technology is beneficial and people couldn’t relay on it. it is making it less demanding for parents to have discussions with kids. moreover, points that are difficult to examine are presented simpler with resources and videos. Now parents became able to diagnose their children easily using easy-use applications that indicates the best treatment using drugs and their therapeutic alternatives. Furthermore, technology became an easy mean for children’s education using the Internet. Nowadays it became the most interesting way to break children’s boredom using different types of entertainment using video games, texting, and so this can motivate them keep in touch with their friends. As we all know that technology has many pros and cons, but in my opinion it’s cons are so much more. technology affects psychology of children with negative results. First of all, children are using technology to an exaggerated extent that they can end up dependent on it. It makes them not spending enough time with their family which reduces the strength of their relationship. Moreover, it makes them busy sharing photos and videos rather than really spending good time with their family members or even friends and so this make them in social isolation, lack of social skills and depressed. Watching violence on Tv and play action video games can change their behavior and makes them more aggressive for example, watching Mohamed Ramadan movies and play action video games can affect the child negatively and increase the level of bullying.

Technology may reflect negatively on the child’s health. The utilization of advanced cells phones and computer games as opposed to making physical exercises. The more they use phones, the less physical activities they do. The issue is that playing online is joined with eating, substituting the balanced healthy habits. As youths contribute more vitality before those screens, as a general rule in the couch, less time they spend outside playing, running and devouring off calories. After sometime this can make them more obese. Also, looking at screen for a long time may harm the child sight and it may cause a headache due to long time using.

The practice of technology in the classrooms is winding up more and more every day. It has empowered the educators to pass similarly more data in a shorter time than it was generally conceivable. In spite of the fact that technology through media and electronic contraptions can assist youngsters with gaining a big amount of information.

Technology also may reflect negatively on children educational progress. Some of these effects are already seen from student texting and using internet during class, this expand the rate of plagiarism for assignments and absence of respect for the language usage within essays. This indicates the negative impact that technology may have had on the current generation’s thinking abilities and the intensity of the internet. Secondly, students playing video games and texting at mid-night instead of sleeping make student restlessness and didn’t attend the first class or attend late and that make the students losing course contents.

In conclusion, technology is an innovative tool that helps us to build our future. but like anything else had an advantage and disadvantage specific on children, technology should be used as a good material for education and researches. Moreover, focusing on smart campaigns at school and on tv should take a spot. Also, parents should play a big role in serving as a guard since technology had become prevalent and serve to make their children to gain the maximum benefits from using internet, in addition to make consider that Introducing the knowledge of technology to children at early age can have negative effects in their lives, their relationships with others, and their health.

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