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The Role of the Power of Knowledge in Pele’s Success

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Growing up in a Hispanic household I have learned to love soccer. The excitement and adrenaline rush you get when watching your favorite team play is indescribable. While watching soccer I have also come to the conclusion that Pele, also known as Edson Arantes Do Nascimento is my favorite soccer player. Pele was a famous Brazilian soccer player and was born in Tres Coracoes, Brazil where he grew up in poverty. He worked hard for his family and to get to where he is today. His parents were Dondinho and Dona Celeste Arantes. When he was little his friends called him Dico but he got his nickname, Pele, after mispronouncing his favorite soccer player’s name. He is one of the greatest soccer players known and his knowledge of the game and physicality gave him power and a great advantage when playing.

The first form of power that benefited Pele is knowledge. In Raji Hunjan and Jethro Pettit’s book “Power: A Practical Guide For Facilitating Social Change” they state that knowledge is a source of power. His knowledge of soccer gave him a great advantage because if you don’t know much about the game it would be hard to play. Pele’s father played soccer and so he probably learned all he knows from his dad and other players that he enjoyed watching. Knowledge is a form of power because if we can use what we know to help us we have an advantage over other people. Pele’s extensive knowledge of soccer gave him the power to excel in the game and eventually play and be the youngest player to score in the world cup.

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We see his power of knowledge through how many games he helped win and all of the records he set while playing for the Santos and Brazil soccer teams. Imagine if Pele didn’t have that much knowledge of soccer. He may not have been as great of a soccer player as he was and wouldn’t be where he is today and his name wouldn’t be known. He may have never gotten to play for Brazil if he wouldn’t have been a great soccer player. We as people love to have knowledge because they tell us that knowledge is power. We have to know everything or else we get upset. The more we know the more of an advantage we think we have. Like all of us Pele used what he knew to his advantage and it benefited him in the long run. Pele was known as the ‘King of Football’ for his impeccable playing and all the records he set. The Famous People stated that “It was his deep embedded penchant for the game and knack for scoring spectacular goals that made him a star around the world. ” Pele’s amazing speed and control of the ball helped him. His remarkable physicality helped him when playing because his physical strength he needed to play soccer. Soccer can be a difficult sport to play if you don’t like running. Soinn order to play fairly well he need needed to be both strong and agile. Pele’s physicality and love for the game are other reasons why he was such a success and able to play as well as he did.

According to Raji Hunjan and Jethro Pettit’s book “Power: A Practical Guide For Facilitating Social Change” physicality is a source of power. Pele’s physicality gave him an advantage because it allowed him to advance at soccer at such a young age. His agility and strength gave him what he needed to play as a professional. Starting off Pele played for the Santos Club before he played for Brazil, and was a major player on the team. At the age of 17, Pele was the youngest soccer player ever to score a goal in the World Cup. He broke many World Cup records in 1958 and many of the records he set have still yet to be broken. The Famous People stated that in his entire career Pele scored a total of 1281 goals in 1363 games. The last World Cup Pele played in was in 1970. His strength, speed, accuracy, and other physical properties gave him a great advantage. With his great physicality he had the power within himself to know that he was physically able to play the game. Also, his physical attributes allowed him to play better and led to all his accomplishments and records that he set. When we are physically able to do something we love we do it. People who do powerlifting for example, they have to be physically able to lift weights. It requires a lot of upper body strength and leg strength. Their physicality allows them to compete in powerlifting competitions. Physicality does not come on its own though. It requires training and putting in time and work. You have to practice and become stronger to get better. As most people say practice makes perfect and for Pele he practiced and became great at playing soccer. It may have been “in his blood” but without practicing the sport he wouldn’t have been as great of a soccer player as he was.

Being one of the world’s most famous and greatest soccer players, Pele is known by a lot of people. His sources of power allowed him to play the sport he loved and excel at it. His knowledge allowed him to know the game and his opponents and his power gave him endurance and strength to carry on throughout the games he played. Pele was able to achieve greatness through his sources of power. The Famous People stated that “The International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) voted him as the Football Player of the Century in 1999. Additionally, he was elected as the ‘Athlete of the Century’ by the International Olympic Committee and Reuters News Agency. ” His legacy still lives today and he’ll always be remembered, even after death. Though he may of grew up poor, he made a name for himself and Pele is a name no one will ever forget.


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