The Role of Tourism for the Turkish Economy

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Could you imagine a world without tourism? It is likely that the world would be stable especially for our economy. First of all, according to Wikipedia (2019), ‘tourism is travel for pleasure or business; also the theory and practice of touring, the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, and the business of operating tours.' Each one of all the explanations indicated in definition contributes to the national economy so Essay, Uk (2018) states that to develop local economies, tourism is a well-liked industry in the world. Doubtless, tourism plays a big part, moreover, Chen & Zan (2009) highlights tourism is regarded as the largest and most various business sector in the world, at present. The research conducted, for example, Lidell (2011) states that nearly 18m people labor in the tourism sector that makes up 7% of the employed population, also most of the new jobs are generated in the tourism sector. In the circumstances the role of tourism gain importance for the economy, therefore, Essay, Uk (2018) emphasizes that to ensure full advantage, a great number of governments want to improve tourism, even some of them make an effort much more. There are too many reasons to count the economic advantages of tourism especially for many countries and Turkey is one of them. For Daily Sabah (2016), Turkey hit a peak in 2004 with around 42 million foreign tourists and rank as 6th the most popular tourist destination in the world. In this essay, I will mention about the role of tourism for the Turkish economy with the most remarkable two tourism types in Turkey.

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Highly probable that whenever you hear the word ‘tourism’, the first thing that you come to mind is summer tourism. The commonly used definition of summer tourism is the name given to all of the activities. According to (2019), summer season, which are June, July, August, is the most popular season in order to visit Turkey to experience lots of thing like swimming, sun, seaside restaurants etc. Turkey is one of the most preferred destinations in the summer. Regarding the statistic from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (2018) points out that total 5.091.496 tourists in June, 6.531.570 tourist in July and 6.158.597 tourists in August visited Turkey last year. In these data, there are tourists who come from different nationality for sure. As the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (2018) also explains the countries sending the most visitors, the first one is Russian with total 5.964.613 person, second is that German with total 4.512.360 person and the third one is Bulgaria with total 2.386.885 person. Of course, the summer tourism enables various activities options for visitors even though the activities differ from region to region and they reinvigorate the economy. If we want to give some well-known examples, they can be paragliding, diving, rafting, and surfing etc. Finally, according to (2015), Antalya, İzmir, Bodrum, Muğla are one of the most preferred places in summer tourism.

Taskın (2016) believes that with increased touristic product diversity, for investors who want to set off on a new quest winter tourism is the most beautiful tourism sort thus tourism doesn't belong to only a season and even in winter, the economic process continues to grow. Definition of winter tourism is highlighted by Taskın (2016), winter tourism is a type of tourism which is generally developed in areas where snow and snowfall are long. Relatively summer, the number of tourists are less in Turkey undoubted however we can't underestimate the total especially for the Turkish economy. The results of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (2018) study demonstrate that total 2.434.816 tourists in December, 1.892.737 tourists in January and 1.936.686 tourists in February paid a visit Turkey. According as in summer (2018) points out that Russia is the country that sending the most visitors. Moreover, Turkey has an important position in the world although our competitor is assertive. The statistics from Tursab (2015) show that Turkey is the 18th country with the number of the ski resort and Japan is the first one with 547 ski resort. Ski and ski resorts have the notable position, effects for the Turkish economy. For Taskın (2016), winter tourism contributes to developing unadvanced regions or cities moreover, it causes to allow immigrants. Lastly, regarding the most favorite places, (2017) describes that Bursa-Uludağ, Bolu-Köroğlu, Kayseri-Erciyes.

Keskin & Cansız (2010) think that developing countries like Turkey attach importance to economic development and, Turkey where has rich sources make use of tourism. Summer and winter tourism are two strong tourism areas in Turkey, with both of them tourism can expand the whole season, also the contribution they provide is an undeniable fact. To my mind with the advancing technology and improving living standards, tourism will continue to be one of the life vessels of Turkey economy so the state and people who are included tourism sector will maintain to support. In addition, there is an utterance that explains very well the importance of tourism for the national economy is ‘water flows, it leaves a mark and tourist leaves a dollar.’ In conclusion, in this essay, I try to explain the role of tourism for the Turkish economy with two main tourism types, which are summer and winter, in Turkey.

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