The Role of Travelling Experience in the Development of Young Adults

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Travel has always been an important tool in the development of the world. From the pilgrimages of the Christians to the travels of Marco Polo. This world was built on people who strived to be the best they could be. They never stopped even when they were not sure if the world was round or flat, or if they were afraid of what would happen on their journey. They took risks and chances to travel farther to explore and gain as much knowledge as they could. Without men and women travelling, innovation and world development would not have happened. In the present day it is important for young adults to see and experience as much of this world as they can in the short time they have on this earth. Travelling before beginning one's career is imperative to one's self development as a growing adult. It allows one to gain valuable experience and skills one could use for their future career and helps one to have a better understanding and awareness of other cultures.

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As growing adults, many may not know who they are as a person yet; this can include a lack of self confidence. Traveling pushes people out of their comfort zones and forces them to take chances, try new things and socialize with many different people. This can help to help one’s confidence flourish as they will have to solve problems they run into, make friends with strangers and help to assure that they will be okay doing things that scare them. Travelling will teach one that plans may not always go as expected and that the unexpected rarely ends up negative, but rather may bring a whole new view of the world. Travelling can instill a sense of accomplishment that one can use to be successful all on their own as well as push through the hard times when life throws a curveball. Skills like these are needed to be prosperous in post secondary school, the workplace, and within day to day life.

Travelling not only develops one’s confidence but improves job potential. Many valuable skills that are needed for young adults to start a successful career can be learned through travelling. This includes things such as time management, budgeting, functioning under pressure, navigation, communication, and social skills. When travelling one may choose to build their resume and experiences through volunteering opportunities or paid work. Being exposed to new cultures allows for education surrounding different languages and ways of life. Having these unique experiences may help someone apply their new knowledge towards their school experience and career. By experiencing how people from all works of the world live, people are able to implement their learnings into their jobs. For example, aspiring architects can learn from experiencing the buildings and structure that are found in different cultures. Aspiring doctors can experience the practises from many developed and third world countries and see how some countries thrive on policies and practice, and how others make do with so little resources. Aspiring writers can learn from the stories of others they meet as well as write about their struggles and successes in their travels.

Lastly, young adults who travel are able to appreciate all of the amazing works of life and the privileges we have back home. People may travel to developing countries where the populations live on very little. They will be able to experience how differently these people live and how hard they work to get so little in return. This teaches one to appreciate all of the little things in life that we take for granted. When one learns to appreciate the little things, their mindsets may change to merely being thankful to have everything we do. If a problem arises, they may have a changed perspective that in the grand scheme of things, our problems are very small compared to others in the world. In a workplace, this may allow one to more easily adapt to things they may not like as they are able be grateful for their jobs and the abundance of wealth we have in North America.

Travelling will help one to truly see what path they want to take in life. This is learned through the unexpected nature of travelling and exposure to different culture. One will be able to learn what skills they excel in and what skills need work. One will be able to better understand people of different cultures and experience different states of living. One may learn that going out of their comfort zone will most likely bring positivity and success. Travelling for a young adult before a starting a career allows one to start developing into the person they will be in the future through the experiences they have, the skills they retain, and the knowledge they can apply to the destination of one’s life path.

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