The Role of Women in Christianity and Islam

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The role of women in religion differs between each culture, with some allowing more freedom than others. In cultures, women are treated equally with men and in others there is the bare minimum treatment for the women. In Christianity, the main responsibilities of women are to raise and teach the children, maintain a god driven household and maintain groups in the church in comparison to Islam, the women are to take care of the children and pass down traditions down to the children in order to maintain a good relationship with God (Allah) as well as following gender specific commandments.

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The daily life of women in the Muslim culture was that the women raised their children and if they needed money they worked with their husband to provide their family. Those who were wealthier were able to stay at home and take watch for the house and the women were also allowed to be educated, however women gradually lost their lifestyle overtime and were forced to wear the headdress in public. The women had their rights concerning marriage, family and property and more rights than other women however now the roles of women have changed with loss of freedom in certain things such as wearing full covered headdress and living an isolated life. In the Qur’an it states that ‘men are the managers of the affairs of women’ and ‘however as believer’s men and women are equal’. The Shariah law which was a religious legal system that governs aspects of life it was specially strict with women and women were caned in public for affectionate contact and still happens today.

The Burqa a headdress that women who are Muslim wear this however there is debates going on about whether they should wear it or not with that it is a cover up for domestic beating and is against freedom of expression however Muslim’s believe it is a symbol of equality from prejudices of physical appearance and is an emblem of an exclusive bond in marriage. Currently in the Islamic culture, the women are still fighting for their rights against stereotypes about their culture and the women have become conservative and modern with an ‘Islamic feminism’, with the full equity between men and women in Islam. Hopefully, in the near future, the prejudice and unfair treatment of women that fall under the customs of Islamic religion will soon disappear and women will be able to live in a fully equal world.

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