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The Roles of Women in Urbanization vs the Challenges of Living in the Countryside

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Life in the countryside is hard as the poverty level is a bit high as compared to the life in the urban areas. As to this, educating children has not been easy with research giving a rough estimate of 3 million children dropping out of school before reaching middle school in the countryside. Two third of this number is registered to be girls (Gamer & Troops, 2014). One of the phenomena that have contributed significantly to these huge drops out of girls from school is marriage at a young age (Postiglione, 2015). These girls are often left with no hopes in the field of educations hence quickly turn up when faced with a marriage proposal. The society, however, has contributed significantly to this with most parents supporting the marriage of their children to save them from poverty and cost on feeding the family. One of the interviews conducted on one of the families in the countryside suggested that they often give out their children to avoid being affected by lack of basic needs.

Most of the families in the countryside are very poor. They depend on government and nongovernmental support to be able to support themselves and their children. They often depend on government for support of basic needs, healthcare, and education. China’s economy is not strong enough to the point of supporting all the families in the countryside fully and productively. However, it is important to note that not all the families in the countryside are challenged concerning poverty (Postiglione, 2015). Some of the girls from the countryside have toiled through education to reach greater heights being at the helm of the country’s top leadership. There is need to support girl child education in the country more so in the rural areas to ensure this generation does not stay held up not to be productive. A country that is united in support of girl child education is likely to prosper regarding economic growth as ladies are often said to be more productive (Gamer & Troops, 2014).

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Young women and their works in urbanization

China is the most densely populated country in the world with a majority of the population being the youth and children. As to this everyone both male and female strive to make ends meet in this competitive environment. Young women have been a significant front in support of globalization in China as they have been involved both directly and indirectly (Goodburn, 2015). Regarding indirect participation, young women have played a very critical part in creativity, invention, and innovation among the Chinese people and the world over. This is because of the delicateness of these young women who need protection through various needs and wants. Some of these wants are sanitary towels and specific clothing to support their body structure. It is also important to say that many industries and companies across the country have been set up with a pure aim of meeting the increasingly growing demands of women (Gamer & Troops, 2014). These requirements include unending order to meet fashion and current trends, skin care products and body maintenance.

The young women have also contributed directly to the growth of the country concerning globalization. This is because of the registered increase in some women joining institutions of learning and making progress and success in the world of education. The young women have made positive contributions regarding inventions and innovations with them being involved in both practical and technical experiences through education. Young women have also been employed in specific areas of specialization, in industries and companies, businesses and firms which was not the case in the olden days (Goodburn, 2015). Due to such employment, they have consistently offered their support and expertise to the development of these companies. Due to this growth, therefore, economic growth has been heightened as the young women have supplemented the men in the globalization process. They have also contributed to the countries revenue income due to their role in taxation. Young women need support in the country to ensure they promote the globalization a notch hire and better than they have done before.

Women in marriage, family planning, and family responsibility

Women have a role to play in the society to support societal growth and development. One of such function though not a must is to get married and start a family (Gamer & Troops, 2014). In addressing the issue of women in marriage, it is cynical to point out that at a certain age in a lifetime, marriage calls set in and one need to answer with sound mind and reasoning. Women in marriage have a role to play to ensure a more productive and fruitful marriage. Some of these basic roles include, being a helper to the husband as prescribed in the bible, this is the main reason God created women. Second is to respect the husband, respect and be submissive to your husband when he is reasonable enough (Cheung & Tang, 2017). It is often said that women are the voice of reasoning in the household, as they are brought up to be more rational in their activities. Even though women should be submissive, it should be done in the context of respect and love from the husband. In a marriage setup, women have to commit to ensuring their families are brought up to be productive and vibrant in the society.

China is a densely populated country as I had earlier stated as to this the government has always enforced laws to support and enhance family planning to help cut in this rapidly growing population. It is also important to note that scientific researchers on the vast population growth in China have been supported by high fertility rates among Chinese women. Women, therefore, should be at the forefront in support of family planning in the family setup (Cheung & Tang, 2017). Family planning involves, taking care of a woman’s womb to reduce birth rates. Studies have shown that it is a little more difficult for a man to control their sexual desires, unlike women. It is due to this that women are given an upper hand to take care of family planning practices and intimate attachments. Several family planning techniques have been introduced to help in family planning techniques it is my challenge for women to embrace these new methods as they are scientifically approved to be favorable to support in managing the birth rates. Family planning has a significant impact on the economy in that it helps to reduce the dependency rate.

Women are the backbone and foundation of a strong family and play crucial roles in family responsibilities. In as much as it is the role of a man to provide for the family, women have a much more prominent role concerning family responsibilities. Well, the society has been built such that women have been placed at the heart of family activities, taking care of kids, cleaning, washing and even cooking. These are some of the essential responsibilities that a woman got to practice in a family (Cheung & Tang, 2017). Women in the society today argue that these duties should be inclusive of the husbands however it is advisable for women to take charge of these basics to enhance family development. Women also have a responsibility to provide for the family just like a man. Society today is structured that women should work and deliver their duties to be able to earn income to provide for the family.

Sex industry and women concerns

The sex industry is over the recent years been a male and female affair. However, women have dominated the industry (Gamer & Troops, 2014). The sex industry is at an increasingly growing in China today with the younger generation of women closing up the streets, towns, clubs, and bars. One of the major contributors to this vice is the high poverty levels in the country. This has forced many women to and young ladies to be involved in the sex industry to find a way to sustain their lives, needs and wants (Zhang et al., 2015). Another major contributor to this is the high population rate in the country with a significant portion of the population unemployed. Due to this large number, it has to be very difficult to monitor activities around the country it has even become more difficult for parents to take care of their children. The sex industry is one big industry ruining the youth as many people need sexual satisfaction at a cost they are willing to part with. The industry has supported free money that in most instances has not turned healthy into the lives of these young women.

However, the sex industry has raised several concerns from women across the country. Some of these concerns are that the sex industry has gravely affected their marriages. This is because the sex industry has provided for a soft spot for men to cheat on their wives without alarming actions. The women in the sex industry are more concerned about money and not the social structure and dignity (Zhang et al., 2015). Another issue often raised by women is the fear of being infected by sexually transmitted diseases. Diseases such as HIV/AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea and much more are likely to be contracted by men in cases of unprotected sex putting the lives of women in the households at risk. Lastly, women complain of lack of attention and sexual satisfaction as their men are often getting the services elsewhere and as a result may choose to ignore their wives or even fail to fully satisfy them.

Women’s leadership and traditional family values

In the society today, women have been bestowed with leadership positions, such positions include, political appointees and elective positions, institutional heads and departmental heads, community leadership and school leadership. These roles have been given to women based on trust and potentiality making them be regarded as to be more productive (Lu, 2014). Women have held these positions in the society and China as a whole being more involved in the day to day economic growth and development. These roles on leadership positions have been attributed to the rise in numbers of educated girls and women in the country. When this is compared with the traditional society, it is clear that men have begun to trust women based on responsibilities regarding crucial decision making and leadership skills unlike it was in the older generation who regarded women as helpers of men and were not to participate in the critical activities of the society (Gamer & Troops, 2014).

It is imperative that when we talk about women leadership, we should also address issues related to traditional family values. These values were taught to the young generation by their mothers and grandmothers (Xie & Hu, 2014). These values were a code of conduct that a woman was supposed to abide by and uphold to ensure a prosperous and a loving family as well as peaceful. Women were trained to be submissive and extremely respectful to their husbands (Lu, 2014). This, however, is not the case today as women have tried continuously to change the status quo and make them not to be seen as a weaker sex. Talking about weaker sex, the society was set up such that a woman was viewed so week that they could not be engaged in any pressing and crucial matters. Traditional family ties also had a hierarchy of order in which decisions were made within the family.


To conclude with, the paper analyzes how Chinese women are taking part in globalizing the China’s economy. These women, however, as discussed above to take part in this globalization process either directly or indirectly. This fact is addressed in the article through the relation of the subtopics on, girls education in the countryside, young women and their work in urbanization, women in marriage family planning and family responsibility, sex industry an women concerns and women’s leadership and traditional family values.


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