The Sensational Story of Tintin

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‘The Adventures of Tintin’ or just ‘Tintin’ is a wave of Comic Books or more precisely ‘Comic Albums’ created by Georges Prosper Remi, a cartoonist from Belgium and we all know him by his pen name Hergé. Since its first appearance on January 10th, 1929 in “Le Vingtième Siècle”, a Belgian newspaper, it has been a sensation among millions of young and adult readers. Apart from United States which it had received a narrow vogue for some strange reasons, Tintin is a character which many of us in the rest of the world adore so plentifully. Translated into more than 70 languages and 200 million copies, says it out loud. We all are to rejoice Tintin across Hergé’s 24 works with assure.

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Tintin and his fellow characters bring our minds into a colossal world though in a very limited space. Hergé's very own ‘ligne claire’ (clear line) style had a great impact creating this unique boundary grasping us in a sphere he might had originally intended to.

Tintin and Snowy

Tintin, our hero and our friend who always fights for the just. Hergé convinces through Tintin that it’s not the shape or the size that matters a will of a man. With his short and thin build of the character it might get into an unthinkable plot, but so much of immense courage, intelligence, humane and never giving up status behold us in a heartfelt manner. It would be a big mistake if somebody does not agree with the claim that Tintin the reporter has influenced generations of reporters as well as many who fight against unjust. Snowy, the snow white canine which accompanies Tintin with his every footstep is his loyal and bonded friend that never leaves him behind. Well apart from some few occasions where it sometimes gets distracted by a bone found in a surprise or a runaway feline or else its ‘bad snowy’ illusion mentality.

Fellowship of Tintin

Similarly, Captain Haddock is a sober frankly speaking, from the beginning, but eventually lowers his admire for alcohol may be due to the business coping up with Tintin’s heroic adventures. He claims that he is a descendant of Sir Francis Haddock, a sailor himself is a Captain in the Royal Navy. In the ‘Red Rackham's Treasure’ adventure Professor Calculus helps him to buy his ancestral home ‘The Marlinspike Hall’ along with Nestor the butler who waits for his master for a long time. Hereinafter it becomes the residence for Tintin and his fellows. Tintin and Haddock got to know each other in ‘The Crab with the Golden Claw’ in which Tintin rescued him after being betrayed by first mate Allan and fellow sea merchants. Since then Captain Haddock and Tintin had a great friendship for each other. Haddock’s famous insults, curses and swearing makes him unique and vibrant character at times. Most notable and unforgettable ones rave in our minds in continues when the subject comes into effect. Which are, "blue blistering barnacles" "ten thousand thundering typhoons" "bouzouk" "kleptomaniac" "sea gherkin".

When translated into different languages it continued crafting even more remarkable set of phrases accustomed for each language. Along with Thompsons, Calculus, Olivera etc. Haddock keeps a plausible effect in the whole storyline.

Thomson and Thompson, Professor Calculus can be identified as weirdos, yet Calculus is rather a genius in Science, Technology and Innovation where Thomson and Thompson incompetent detectives who always fall and fall into trouble just by not doing the correct thing. Yet they bring us the important element of humour onto the stage while showing a great bond among characters. One significant example can have extracted out of ‘Prisoners of the Sun’ where detectives treks the whole globe from top to bottom following some pendulum movements looking for the abducted Professor though obviously it was not the best case scenario on how to find him. Calculus never acknowledges his deficient in the sense of hearing.

“Milanese Nightingale" Bianca Castafiore is world renown opera singer in the story even though she’s being frequently annoyed by Tintin and his fellowship due to her loud and obnoxious voice. Yet they are having the same bonds towards her. There had been several incidents where they have helped each other relentlessly. She always travels with her pianist Wagner and her maid Irma. She is portrayed as a character with good amount of wealth and generosity yet mean when it comes to get something she wants generally because of her absent minded thinking. Captain Haddock constantly makes complains about the wrongdoing which she does to his good name by not speaking his name correctly. Another Hergé’s tactics to keep constant pleasure for its readers.

Sensational legacy of Tintin

Tintin is largely based on real life events happened in twentieth century with Hergé’s own perspective, sometimes using fictional states in combination, said to get to avoid from iron fists. Hergé sometimes writes in way of a science fiction writer and a futurist. Which it does make a closely related affection towards the inside story. This might be one of the biggest reasons why Tintin is being admired this much.

In 2009 Hergé Museum was opened honour of this beautiful creator. The foundation stone laid in 2007 commemorating Hergé’s 100th birthday. The museum is situated in the vicinity of the capital of Belgium, Brussels. The museum consists of some of Hergé’s original works and illustrations with debriefed history on how Tintin was evolved into present status. Visited by hundreds of thousands each year it is a major tourist attraction in Belgium. And it was once visited by then Belgian Royal Highness King Albert II.

The flag carrier and largest airline of Belgium, The Brussels Airlines had Tintin painted in a livery to one of its airbus jets.

Brought into Television, Radio and Cinema, Tintin always had been a major commercial success. So many fan clubs, so many of its brand shops clearly depicts in a whole. Memorabilia of Tintin had been quite a sensational hobby among its followers too.

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