The Setting of "Troy" and a Sharacter of Achilles

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The movie I watched was “Troy” and it depicts the Greek culture. The setting of “Troy” was placed around 3,200 years ago in Sparta, Mycenae, Ithaca, Phita, and Troy Greece, also can be known as the Bronze Age. The main characters of the movie are Achilles, Hector, Paris, Helen, Agamemnon, Menelaus, Briseis. Achilles is the greatest warrior who was cursed to kill. He was also the leader of the Myrmidons. Hector is the prince of Troy and son of Priam. He was also the leader of the Trojan forces. Paris was the brother of Hector and also the prince of Troy. Paris fell in love with Helen of Sparta and brought her to Troy. Helen was the wife of Menelaus but fell in love with Paris. Agamemnon was the king of Mycenae and brother of Menelaus. The final main character is Briseis who is the cousin of Hector and Paris. She was the servant of Apollo and fell in love with Achilles. I believe that the movie represented the Greek culture well. There were multiple small differences throughout but overall the culture was depicted the movie. The main reason why Sparta and Troy went into battle was due to the Prince of Troy, Paris, fell in love with the queen and wife of Mycenae, Helen, and brought her to Troy secretly. Mycenae found that she was missing, and that Paris took her, and he wanted revenge, so a war broke out.

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The drama throughout the movie was just as real as it was in that time period. The movie does a remarkable job with the drama in the combats and also the extravagant funerals depicted drama. Although in the funerals they placed coins over the eyes of the deceased, this action was not around for the Greek time period. The relationships between the characters, such as Achilles and Agamemnon, demonstrated the drama that truly happened. Achilles stubborn attitude bothers Agamemnon throughout the movie and the drama from this related to what happened in the time period. The culture of the Greeks was portrayed through some of their burial customs, and their belief in gods and architecture. The burial customs were to have their bodies to be cremated. When Hector was killed, he was cremated, and his father wanted his ashes. Although, the soldiers who were killed in war were rarely buried on the battlefield. Cementation was more common, and their ashes were taken home. In the movie “Troy”, there were chariots who collected the deceased men and put them in a huge fire where they were all cremated. The religion in the film was very important in the Greek culture. To the Trojans, their god was Apollo and he was high in importance. Apollo was the god of prophecy, healing, archery, and also light. If a god was worshipped in the Greek world, the people would receive moral excellence. In the movie “Troy” the main worship was Apollo. One scene of Apollo being praised would be when the King Priam was prophesizing. He was prayed to every night and everything was centered around Apollo. When the Trojan horse was built, Priam thought that it was a sign from the god Apollo. Lastly, the art and architecture in the film if a great form of the Greek culture. When the Greeks attack, they cannot enter the city because of the massive walls protecting the city of Troy. The stones roughly weigh up to 10 tons, this made it very difficult for enemies to enter. The first time someone was able to pass through the walls happened when the Trojan horse was built.

Although the movie “Troy” had many cultural aspects of Greek, there are multiple fantastical scenes in which did not happen. The deaths of most people were mistakenly wrong. In the Iliad, both Agamemnon and his brother, Menelaus, survived the war. In the duel with Menelaus and Paris, the Iliad said that Paris simply escapes the fight and Hector did not stab him but, in the movie, Hector stabs Menelaus and he dies. Agamemnon was killed by Briseis in the movie but what really happened was Agamemnon was killed by his wife when he returned home to Greece. Another death that was wrong was Paris. In the movie is shows him taking his cousin, Briseis, to safety when in the Iliad he was killed during the war. The time of death for Achilles was incorrect as well. He died before the Trojan horse was built and not after. The relationships of the characters in the story were off as well. Achilles and Patroclus were not cousins, they were lovers. Patroclus was also older than Achilles. Briseis was not Hector and Paris’s cousin. 

Though this movie shows a great example of the Bronze Age, the weapons were not shown well. The swords in this time period were bronze and they were disposed to breaking and cracking. The stabbing of a sword was very likely, but it could not go all the way through the chest. The reason why was due to the tips being rounded and there was more of a chance of damaging the sword. The armor was excessively fabricated in the film. The important and rich people would have worn multiple layers of linen or leather with plates of bronze and then the typical soldier would wear a solid plate of bronze over their chest.   

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