The Shays' Rebellion and the Declaration of Independence

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I think that Shays was wrong because their purpose was to take over the people. They wanted to start a rebellion about living where they wanted to, to say what they wanted and to do what they wanted to. Their doubts were that the National Government was not going to help them by being more lenient about paying their debts.

The authors of the Constitution were extremely concerned with balancing power and particularly worried about limiting the power of the presidency. What are the two important ways they did it? From what you know about the presidency today, do you think they did a good job of giving the president enough power to do his job but not so much that he could do things he shouldn’t? Give some examples.

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They made sure that Congress and the Legislature had their parts, but neither was completely in charge. I do think that they did a good job because the president is mainly in charge, but they don’t make any decisions completely by themselves. If the president wanted to pass a new law throughout the whole country, they couldn’t just make it a law, they would have to go through congress and the legislature and the majority would have to agree on the law before it was passed.

I was sitting in my favorite chair peacefully reading my favorite book when the police storm into my house and take some of my belongings and me out to their car. They shove me in and do not read my Miranda rights which violates the 5th amendment. I yell that they have no right to seize my belongings because that is violating amendment 4 which is to be subject to unreasonable search and seizure. They ignore my yelling and keep driving. When we arrive at the courthouse, they tell me to sit down and wait until they can figure out a trial date. They come back and tell me that I will have to wait one week which violates my right to a speedy trial in amendment 6. I am given an earlier trial date but they don’t bring a jury to the trial which violates Amendment 7 which is the right to a trial with a jury in a civil case. My punishment is decided likewise and I am sentenced to 5 years in prison which violates amendment 8; protection from cruel and unjust punishment.

The Declaration of Independence expresses principles about human rights, liberty, and equality, but ideas cannot enforce themselves. What are some ways the Constitution makes those principles work in real life? The constitution makes the Declaration of Independence work in different branches rather than only one group. It is split up into three groups. The Legislative branch makes the laws. The House of Representatives makes and passes Federal Laws. The last one, the Judiciary, explains the laws of the country under the Constitution. They hold elections by voting so that the people of this country have a choice. We have to have taxes and duties in order to run the country. We also have to have someone to take power over the country in order to help control and lead which is the President.    

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