Challenges Faced by Construction Industry

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Construction industry is the main support of a country’s economy. While the time when people was told about construction, their initial thoughts may appear to those pictures of yellow hats and concrete wall behinds. This industry is actually wide-ranging and extend over industries such as architecture, M&E engineering and civil engineering.

However, scarcity of skill in this industry was said to be extremely critical. The number of favourable worker is not increasing although the number of job opportunities is rising and its also hard to reach the skilled vacancies’ expectation. So, what is the main cause of skillful labour shortage? By explaining it in a single sentence, demand is higher than supply. The number of workers doesn’t meet the requirement of demand.

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In order to solve the problem, construction industry should displayed out its value as a undertaking to the upcoming manpower. There are several methods listed out that the construction industry can try to commit:

Approach to the new generations

Firms can choose to cooperate with local colleges or universities which considered by the young men nowadays as a career path worth pursuing. This kind of relationship will result in the young adults to have more chances to perform themselves in front of public. Construction industry will also able to understand young adults thinking about what they really need to do in construction industry before they make their decision to their career path.

Investing in training programs

Investing in training for all employees is much needed in order to own a highly experienced manpower. So, construction firms should have provide substantial training for all workers and trainees including additional training for all-level employees which was usually guide by a skillful mentor. This allow a more proficient workers to pass along their experiences to the new workers before they retire. Moreover, construction firms should also adopt courses and training from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) to educate new employees to improve safe and healthy measures on-site.

In a nutshell, new construction projects growing constantly and there are no time for construction industry to take time to resist the shortage of skilled labour. Hence, a great distinction shall be created with slight changes to restore the construction industry as a feasible career option for freshmen to the working world of the construction industry in long-run.

Tan Wei Qi (18WVR00499) Waste Management in Construction Industry

Construction waste is all the unwanted or unused product created during construction period despite whether it has been used or stockpiled. It composed of excess materials from the construction process which include site clearance, excavation, construction, renovation, and demolishing. Construction waste can be categorized into 2types which are inert construction waste and non-inert construction waste.

Construction wastes are extremely influential to our environment. In Malaysia, large number of waste products is produced by this sector with the demands in performing infrastructure works which collaborate with commercial building and housing development programme. So, waste reduction is essential in the application of the construction waste management in Malaysia construction industry.

When comes to determining the strategy of waste management, their aims are to minimize waste generation, reuse and recycle of waste product and also reduce the usage of mixed construction waste. The entire scheme involves the preservation of a well-managed back-up plans with enough features and access. The emphasis is also placed on producers with the high level of waste management.

Responsible waste management is an important sides of sustainable building. It is a sticking point within the construction industry nowadays. Abandoned sites are everywhere in the world, it is time to save the world by recycling or reusing materials, reduce waste disposal seriously.

Choo Guo Ren (18WVR00216) Issues facing by construction industry

Over the past few years, Malaysia has been growing swiftly, so as the development industry as well. Although the general improvement is right there are some problems facing by the construction industry and a few may result in a larger problem. The first problem would be the production waste that might directly influence the productivity, material loss and efficient of the project completion resulting in loss of revenue. In Malaysia, this problem is more severe due to the speedy improvement.

Then, the surroundings sustainability. It is related to construction waste and the emission of carbon. This would motive an adverse impact to the surroundings including global warming and pollution. Moreover, the dearth of qualified employees has been rising for the past few years. The lack of skilled employees will affect the safety stated by many firms. Lastly, the technology evolution has left many workers outdated and might not find a job in this industry. For example, the latest implementation of BIM required competencies to operate, for those that are not professional in BIM might be left out and continue to be unemployed. For small construction companies, the implementation of BIM is unaffordable, so they have also left a way at the back of.

Soh Mun Sim (18WVR05979) The Construction Industry Supply Chains: The Impact Of The Recession

The look at aimed to decide the extent of the impact of the recession on the construction supply chain, at the same time as investigating the current tendering practices. It in addition appeared into the problems faced by way of contractors from clients or purchaser advisors and additionally fellow enterprise competitors. Structured interviews have been conducted with Quantity Surveyors whom have been chargeable for financial and contractual responsibilities with their respective companies. It become determined from their responses, that clients are presently pressurizing the industry deliver chain with the aid of requesting the low prices.

A recession impacts on every region but none more so than the construction industry as it is is based on big capital expenditure for its lifeblood. This effects in a reduction in the quantity of projects along side an increase inside the cost of borrowing to pay off loans and pay wages. RICS pronounced these days on their website (1st October 2009) that gentle prices for brand new production paintings will not rise till 2011 and that pre-recession levels wont be visible inside the next 5 years. It turned into stated that if public spending changed into cut it'd have a damaging impact on the development enterprise.

While the industry welcomes the long-awaited turnaround, many challenges nevertheless exist. One is the pressure that the upswing is having on the badly thrashed and the construction supply chain is getting better. Project orders are starting to pour in, however remnants of the recession are inflicting deliver to lag demand. Contractors are fast getting to know that these potential constraints can become different issues, increasing their exposures to danger. If these demanding situations are not quickly resolved, they may cascade into an excellent bigger problem - one that has the ability to undermine the healing and their backside line.

Tan Zhuan Sheng (18WVR00365) The construction industry acquisitions and mergers: critical factors of success.

In this competitive era, it is important to adopt to change. We knew that, one things that are not changing is the world is changing, improving. The market is much more challenging therefore there are acquisitions and mergers in construction industry. These impact the accelerate growth, reduce the effects of the construction cycle, adoption to the new markets and reduce the risk. There are a few critical factors of success for acquisitions and mergers in construction industry.

I would like to specify Team. Team is important when you run a business or an organization. According to principal of management, the division of profession will achieve a better output. Try to increase your network, not only staying on construction field, accounts, engineering, IT, management, banking and finance are part of a good field that helps you build up your organization. You can have a professional help you in every field such as mechanical engineer, quantity surveyor to estimate the materials, IT to support the computer system. As long as the team having the same goals, the organization will achieve in the time frame.

Embrace of new technology. As our standard of living increase, there comes new technology and innovation. Continuing improving yourself and the team with new technology, knowledge could increase the output. For example, technology of BIM having a huge impact for many construction roles therefore it replaces old technology and software. In construction industry, we always tend to achieve low input and high output. New technology eases our task and connect the work and industry together. Operation visibility are a major element of success in acquisitions and mergers in construction industry. It provides a clean and complete view of the daily operation and processes within their business. It allows leaders evaluate the progress, and provide a risk evaluation and provide method to solve every random difficulty. It also provides confidence to investors, management, and labors.

Chosen Components

There are a few process involved in KLIA2 preliminary works:

I)Site clearance

Site clearance is an important part of a construction and demolition projects. It involves removing machinery and hazardous substances from a site, as well as leveling and preparing land for all planned construction and landscaping. Proper site clearance is vital for the health and safety of all workers. In KLIA2 construction site, it included removing or clearing and grubbing works using rake dozer.

II)Setting out

Setting out is to determine and develop the physical position of corners and walls of a building, and it’s done base on the dimensions in the layout plan. In KLIA2 construction site, the outline of excavations and the centre line of the walls are clearly defined. This is to ensure that the excavation level for runway level and also it’s alignment. It is normally carried out after the top soil has been removed using the dimensions given on the layout drawings.


It’s a very large scale earthworks progress to produce a platform of runways, taxiways and apron as well as embankments and cutting of landside roads. This process include removal of topsoil together with all vegetation, scraping and grading the required area down to formation level plus the formation of any cuttings or embankments. It involves over 100 millions m3 of excavation and 65 million m3 of filling. Extensive soft clay and peat deposits required treatment with surcharges and wick drains, of which over 20 million linear metres were used. This project comprises 4 x 400m runways with parallel taxiways, on an apron area of 500,000 m2 and main passenger terminal of over 300,000m2 on a 10km2 site together with rail link to Kuala Lumpur and access to Malaysia’s North-South Expressway.

The foundation type used by the KLIA 2 construction is the deep foundation piling method (Chong, 2015). Pile foundations are categorized in deep foundations. They are formed by long, slender, columnar elements typically made from steel or reinforced concrete, or sometimes timber. A foundation is described as 'piled' when its depth is more than three times its breadth (Atkinson, cited in designing building wiki, 2007). The new Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 is being constructed on the very soft clay. Due to the nature of the ground, the improvement works by surcharge preloading and prefabricated vertical drains (PVD) was being implemented. (Ramli Nazir, 2013)

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