Few Places You Need to See if You Are Planning Tourism Travel to Bali

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Bali is an Indonesian island known for being one of the most popular vacationing spots in the world. From its famous rice paddies, frozen volcanic mountains to religious sites and gorgeous beaches etc; it’s a wonderful experience till the end. However, many miss out on enjoying a lot of the amazing places still due to them not being as well known as others causing many people to end their experience without even knowing of their existence. So, if your plan is to visit or go backpacking and want to see the hidden places in Bali, you’ve come to the right place.

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One of the most unique spots in Bali, the broken sea is a sight you do not want to miss. With jaw dropping scenery and a perfect place for your scrapbook photos to be taken, it is only at a five minute distance from Angle’s Billabong. Not only that, the path leading to it is beautiful but windy as well. The broken sea was previously a cave whose floor collapsed and now stands as an arched tunnel through which the waters flows to form a sort of pool. Make sure to bring your photography equipment as well as sunscreen. The Pasih Uwug is a hidden spot in Bali that you won’t hear a single bad thing about. It’s breathtaking, gorgeous, unique, something you’d see on a post card. It is a must see if you’re backpacking across Bali and you can trust that you will not be disappointed.


The Tanah Lot temple, which sits proudly on a rock just off shore, is a wonderful hidden place in Bali which holds dear religious roots. Known for its amazing view of the sunset which many people gather to watch, is a perfect spot for people backpacking through Bali and is one of the most memorable places to visit. Across the street from the temple you can find caves with flowing water underneath and snakes that protect it from evil forces.This temple is great for meditating and praying but if that’s not your taste, the view and sights are a wonderful treat. You can donate to see the Holy snakes that you might even be able to touch and drink from the Holy stream. It is suggested to get there by 5 pm to enjoy the setting of the sun.


Looking to escape the crowds and get a taste of the real, less tourist occupied Balinese culture? Well then don’t hesitate to make your way to Penglipuran Village. You can not only find the Balinese culture in all its glory but also see how it has reserved its roots over time, not letting it fade away. The houses are traditionally made of bamboo and clay and the village is filled with a variety of plants, bringing a freshness and color that is pleasing to the eye. There is also a bamboo forest largely untouched along with people who are welcoming and kind to visitors. There are no cars in the village which allows you to travel by foot (which you’re already probably doing if you’re backpacking though Bali) and take in the sights. If it’s authenticity you’re looking for, then this is where you’ll find it.


West Bali National Park is home to over 300 different species of animals and birds. It is a forested region that makes up most of central western Bali. Though this park isn’t exactly a hidden place in Bali, it is less visited than other places and you can get away from the crowd here. If you’re interested in birds, the Tegal Bunder Trail is best for people looking for bird watching. If it’s views you’re looking for then the Teluk Brumbun is popular for its landscapes and its beautiful view of the Menjangan Island. Speaking of the Menjangan Island, if you have interests in marine life, the uninhibited island is a must see. Overall, if you’re seeking a day with nature and interesting wild life surrounding you then don’t hesitate to check out this gem.


You may or may not be surprised to know that Bali has its very own Ghost Town. It used to be a theme park which closed soon after its establishment. Most of it is still intact with tickets and booths still existing as they were. It looks like something from the world of The Walking Dead. Despite its creepiness, there’s a certain beauty about the place and you can’t deny that it’s fascinating. Vines have grown surrounding them like something out of a fairytale. A uniquely great background for pictures, a motivation for your artistic needs or just a great visit for anyone looking for someone other than beaches and temples.


The Pura Paluang Temple is also known by most people as the Bali Car Temple. It is a must see attraction on its own but especially if you’re looking for unique temples. Though you might have figured it out by the name, we’ll tell you anyway: This temple is considered one of the best because it has shrines in the form of houses and cars. Though the temple itself is beautiful as well, it overlooks the Indian Ocean, making for a great view and is located in a monkey forest. There are certain entertaining myths about the Pura Paluang temple such as hearing car engines at night and that it lived there before cars existed in Indonesia. You won’t regret visiting this little gem; you can take our word for it.


Suluban beach is truly a hidden place in Bali but is more than worth the trouble. You have to cross some pretty narrow paths but as the sound of crashing waves and the chattering people grow closer, the excitement is uncontainable. Soon enough, you come upon the glittering water, the soft sand and the sight of the caves and rocky openings. You can explore the caves and openings, relax under the sun, go for swimming or stick around to watch the sunset from on top of the cliff. This beach is best known for surfing and you can spot many surfers hanging around or out in the water as well. You can also claim a spot in one of the mini-caves which leads to different parts of the sea. This beach is a must see if you’re in Bali.

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