The Sigificance of Sharp Classes for the Military Training

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The main purpose of this work is to explain some of the causes that increase of Sexual Assault/Harassment. The Army has implemented some measures to retain and control violators who do this kind of actions but it seems that is not working at all. SHARP cases keep increasing significantly over the year. SHARP cases should be one of the primary concern to fix of every company.

The Department of Defense annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military estimated that there were 20,500 instances of “unwanted sexual contact” in the 2018, based on a survey that Soldiers took. There was an increase of 38 percent from the survey in 2016. A big concern is that many of that people do not come forward and address the situation, which means that it cannot fixed until someone come voluntarily. As the Representative Jackie Speier, Democrat of California said, “These aren’t just numbers; these are people’s lives,” and many people do not see it that way.

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People this day just dint trust their chain of command anymore. There have been many issues when it comes to SHARP cases. Like a close friend once told me, that she was a victim of sexual assault, who had a close relationship with one of the soldiers in the unit. They were really close not just in the unit but outside the unit too. One day she wakes up to an uncomfortable event that she had no memory of what had happened. She called her platoon SGT and told the situation, the other soldier moved to another unit. The thing was that days later the Platoon SGT started saying what happened to her and revealing personal information. After that, the soldier or any other soldier starts thinking that if they actually say anything then the all the company will know. At this moment, Soldiers just start keeping things. If they were, victims of abuse they would keep quiet, because the trust was broke at that moment.

One of the main causes of sexual assault/harassment is alcohol abuse. The problem is that alcohol has become one of the must largest Military culture. Even though, alcohol abuse is strongly discouraged. However, the army expects you to consume alcohol in social events like barbecues or hanging out at a bar. Soldiers that are actually intoxicated do not think straight, they just do what they want not what is right.

I actually believe that who is going to do that, he/she will pay attention SHARP classes; they will just ignore it because they are too intoxicated or do not care. To address that situation I believe punishments have to be the answer now, rather than just keep doing the same thing. The time to take action is now do not wait for tomorrow to start doing something because today is already late, since cases are increasing significantly.

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