The Significance of Accountability, Flexibility and Good Communication for a Leader

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Dominance and hierarchy is an intraspecific interaction that has existed for centuries in animals. Animals with refined traits in comparison to other individuals in their community are more authoritative when it comes to division of labour. In the case of us humans, one can easily tell which individual is dominant- the ones with stress and anxiety are the workers and the one taking credit for their work is the boss. One of the main reasons for an employee’s detestation of work is not being given credit. Therefore, accountability is one of the main qualities that a leader should possess. Aiming to become a molecular biologist, I would emphasize on qualities like accountability, flexibility and good communication to become a good leader.

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A workspace lacking proper acknowledgement for an employee’s work can prove to be toxic. Personal and professional growth in an environment filled with toxicity is strenuous. Each one of us has a tentative mental picture of what their workspace would look like. In my case, it is a dark room with about ten people circling a table that has instruments emitting rays that help DNA strands become visible. The rays of the instrument is bouncing off on peoples face and they are opening sharing ideas. In a research based field, the process of findings and observing is broad. The number of people involved in a project is proportional to the scale of the research. During this whole process, sometimes it might be the joint effort of a team or the dedication of a single employee but acknowledging the work accordingly is a must. I would want to create an environment where employees have the freedom to express ideas and work devotedly without the fear of not being recognized. “Accountability is the measure of a leaders height.” (Jeffrey Benjamin)

Accountability does not only mean giving proper credit it also means being held accountable for a downfall. The trait that defines a good leader is their ability to handle all kinds of situation with dignity. Things can get quite hectic in a research based profession. Experimentation and refining data is a gradual repetitive process and in most cases the duration of a research is very lengthy. The drawbacks in any lengthy projects is that things can get very monotonous. At times like these, people require motivation for working. My solution to this problem would be breaking the long duration into small sections and tasks. “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” (John Adams) A reward based system where employees are appreciated for the completion of a small task fires up their neurons and in term increases productivity. This is a psychological effect that increases a sense of competition and has a positive effect in keeping people motivated.

In an organization, their might be different aspects of a system that might need to be supervised. Instead of on person supervising the entire team, it is more effective to decentralize the power of making decisions among teams. For instance, my team could be focusing on a research in Crispr DNA, if I am leading the team, I would divide people according to their interests and form teams focused in one thing. Team one makes all the arrangements of instruments and is responsible for refilling and managing the equipments. Team two would handle the storage of data and work to make data accessible. Team three would arrange meetings and events. Although everybody would be directly involved in the main research, it would be their responsibility to look after these aspects and I would give them the freedom to make decisions regarding these sectors. This fluid hierarchy would allow things to be more managed and it proves to be beneficial for personal growth. Besides this I would establish a culture of giving constructive feedbacks. As soon as a task is completed, we would reflect on it and list the things that went well and the things that could have been better. This creates a positive attitude for self development. Similarly, being fluid in terms of behaviour is also a quality that I prioritize. Considering the scale and number of people in my team, I will try to interact with everyone individually. Although a formal environment is necessary, one must never forget empathy. The chain of lies exchanged between a leader and the employees leads to difficulty in communication.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”(Albert Einstein) I would try to be as flexible as possible regarding the work hours, working style and required environment for people to be more engaged and active towards work. Being empathetic along with professionalism completes a good leaders qualities. The reason individual with traits such as a bigger body get to be dominant is because other members are intimidated by them, physically. This can be advantageous at times but it may also turn out to be a drawback.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your co-workers makes the environment less intense. A good leader demonstrates fluidity in transforming themselves. Although it is good to have traits that set you aside from the rest, it is best to exhibit those characteristics according to the circumstance.

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