The Significance of Gallipoli Campaign


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This event was primarily significant to the British, the Turks and the Australian and New Zealander Army Corps (ANZAC). This was a moderately significant event. Its impact was mainly on Mustafa Ataturk and Winston Churchill. Over time the significance of Gallipoli changed drastically.

The campaign was significant for the British because it was a waste of resources plus a disaster. The failure of the campaign resulted in mourning for decades to come. After the loss at Gallipoli, the British had to do a draft and at the time no one was ding a draft. Another piece of evidence supporting that it was a national disaster is because the British gambled their ANZAC forces on the campaign and had nothing to show for it. They suffered heavy casualties, later on, when the British forces had to be evacuated, they wasted time and resources to get them out of there. Another reason that the campaign was significant for the British is that they lost to the Turks. During the navel stage of Gallipoli, it was shown that the British underestimated the enemy. The naval stage was a complete failure. The Turks took out three ships and damaged three from the country known to have the strongest navy at the time. At the land invasion, the Turks stalled the forces on the beach and stopped them from moving on further. In other ways, the campaign was not only significant for the British, it was also significant for the Turks.

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Gallipoli was significant to the war itself but talking about small groups, it was significant to the Turks because of many reasons such as their defeat of Britain. The Turks beat the country with the strongest navy at the time. They were one of the reasons that the naval campaign failed. They gunned down three ships to the brink where they sunk and damaged three others of the eighteen ships sent by the allies. The other reason it was important for the Turks is because they made the ANZACs (British) retreat. They stalled the allies on the beach during the land invasion. They kept them on the beach not allowing them to move along. The Turks known as the weakest power at the time were able to take on the British in the naval stage and stall the ANZACs on the beach during the land stage of Gallipoli. They did lose troops but they won Gallipoli per se, in the end, they made the allies retreat. This stopped the allies from opening the supply route through the sea of Marmara and into the black sea. This brought back the allies plans to get supplies back and forth and it was because the naval stage failed, and the land invasion was left to a stalemate. The campaign does not only show significance to the British or Turks side, it also shows significance to the people who fought at Gallipoli.

The Gallipoli campaign was also significant to the ANZACs (troops fighting on Allies side during land invasion) because they were the troops who fought on the beach. They were the ones who experienced everything that happened on the beach. From commodity on their side like censored letters, the terrible living a.k.a trenches, and more difficult conditions. They also had to deal with items from the enemy’s side, such as bombardment, poison gas, and more fire of war. Most of them who fought during the war went back either broken or severely hurt. After all of that, it was just a waste of resources and time to keep them stalled on the beach. They even had to deal with bad leadership, their leaders did not have experience. Another reason it was significant for them is because they did not see it as a loss even though it was. Even though they lost several troops on their side they did not lose completely, the estimated casualty number was 250,000 on both sides. The ANZACs are a good example of how Gallipoli helped Britain made many allies with other countries making them more reimbursed. The victories were not on large army or country scales only, they also impacted many small people at least.

The campaign in terms of also significant to Winston Churchill because he is the one who made it. He made the campaign as a means to force Turks and german ally out of the war. If succeeded, it would take out Turkish land and shore defenses and open up the Dardanelles for the passage of the navy. The idea would then impact many arts of the war for him, it would also impact his nation of Britain. Another reason it was significant is because of the failure and what it leads to. After the failure of the naval attack and the land invasion of which we saw large losses, Churchill was demoted and resigned from the government. Later after, he joined the infantry as a soldier, He fought in the Ninth division. He joined the Fourth Queen’s Hussars in 1895 and served in the Indian northwest frontier and the Sudan. Another small person influenced by Gallipoli was Mustafa Ataturk, the military leader of the Turks during the land invasion.

Another person showing significance when it came to Gallipoli was Mustafa Ataturk because he was the military leading at the beach landing. He lead the army a the beach in which they stalled the allies, he had former military experience but this was different. They were known to be the weakest and under his supervision they won the allies, causing them to retreat. He was the one who also lead the naval strategy in which sank three British ships and damaged three others. Another reason why Gallipoli was significant to him is because of when the Turks were fighting for their freedom. Gallipoli left many Turks looking for their identity, they wanted their freedom and Mustafa Ataturk was part of that fight for freedom. After the fight for freedom, he became their president from 1923 to his death in 1938.

So, in conclusion, Gallipoli was very important for a lot of people, many countries, and for the war itself. It leads to many things, and people learned from it. It has been remembered for decades now and it will keep going on to be remembered. It was important to small parts of the war and big parts, such as the war as a whole. 

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