The Significance of Title Ix for Women's Participation in Sports

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“Title IX states that no person in the United States shall be excluded from participation in any education or sport.” This rule is easily one of the most important guidelines to be kept within sports. Don’t you think that it would be easy to just include everyone in sports? Whether their race? Male or female? Sadly clubs, public highschools, and even colleges have broken, misused, and denied this very important rule that should be able to be easily followed and respected.

In 1972, President Nixon created Title IX to create a balance of who got an opportunity to participate and get the full experience to play a sport if they wish. Before this law was passed and signed off to all fifty states, only one in every twenty-seven women played a sport. Now, with it still taking effect today, any person, male, or female, black, or white, can participate in any sport under organizations with federal funding. Accept, of course with our society, there is no way that everyone will follow it. One case that is an example going against Title IX took place at Eastern Michigan University last year in 2018. US district judge, George Caram Steech received a court case from two students, Marie Mayeriva and Ariana Cheritin. Both participated in sports at the university, Marie playing tennis and Ariana playing softball. They stated to the court that the university had taken both of their girls’ sports teams away. EMU said that they did this to save money and cut budgets to refocus on academics. As you can tell by them taking this to court, they were very passionate about the sports they played and how they had the opportunity to do so, but now it’s taken away, violating the Title IV rule. While the two girls hope to get their respective programs to be reinstated, their lawsuit was put on hold due to a separate Title IX complaint that was filed with the federal Office of Civil Rights.

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After the two girls got the attention of others, they had a rally helping others hear their fight to get their teams back. At this rally Cheritin states, “The ideal outcome would be just for our sports to get reinstated. Men’s and women’s would be ideal, you know, I don’t want to see any athletes’ sports being cut. But Title IX has given us an opportunity to fight for women’s rights.” About 100 students rallied in the rain, marched up to the second floor of Welch Hall, and confronted the president of Eastern Michigan University. Along with the boys swim team being cut, a junior from EMU stated something very heart felt, “My teammates are my family. They’re everything to me. I don’t really have much outside of swim so for this to happen I mean that’s just about my whole life going down the drain right there,”. The voices of many were heard towards this devastating conflict. Judge Steech then ordered Eastern Michigan University to reinstate women’s varsity softball and tennis teams by fall of 2019.

With many of the athletes being completely devastated and ready to give up, they finally got their sports back. Without Title IX, most women wouldn’t be playing sports today, but thanks to it, situations like EMU can’t stand a chance in taking away something humanity loves to play, and watch. I could never imagine getting the volleyball team taken away from me, whether it’s for school, or for club. I see sports as a “getaway” if you’re stressed or overwhelmed, play volleyball. If your happy or in a great mood, play volleyball. I could never imagine getting that taken away from me, let alone being in college, where it’s more competitive and where your opportunities are bigger.

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