The Significant Role of the Teacher as Shown in Stand and Deliver

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Stand and Deliver is a film based on real-life which from my understanding show us the reality that many immigrant students from the lower class must suffer, it also touches on how the community reject them and had played a significant role in forcing them to accept the reality that they would never become successful persons because of their race and economic status. Through the film we watch several factors that leave us thinking that no one besides the teacher Jaime Escalante believes in the ability that the students at Garfield high school had, Jaime pushes his math students to give their best academically and give them hopes for their future therefore he decided encourages them to take the advanced placement test.

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Before the preparation for the exam, many parents were a little pessimistic about rising their kids’ education because they thought that their kids would do better working than getting an education. one example is when Annas father didn’t want to allow her to go to school because according to him she will do better helping him at his restaurant, which is quite common in the society were people think that make money is better than an education. Another example would be the reaction of Claudia’s mother when she told her about the calculous class, her mom told her that boys won’t like her if she were too smart meaning that Claudia should focus on liking boys rather than her education. But after the students pass the test, we can see how the parents change their opinion about the ability if their children’s and were proud of them.

After Escalante put all his effort to prepare his students for the advanced placement test and the students worked harder, they were all able to pass the test, but what makes this film remarkable was that the students were accused of cheating and forced to retake the exam. For many people, this was an act of discrimination to these students and I don’t think this situation would happen to the students from Hinsdale Central High School because the educational testing service didn’t believe that a low-income High school where its majority of students were Latino could make such as well development in such as difficult test because of the stereotypes people had towards immigrant students.

In the film we are able to identify how the students problems at home affect their development in the class, an example illustrated in the film is the case of Lupe who can’t do her homework or study because had to take care of the house and her little siblings while her parents were at work or the case of Angel who was late to the class because he had to take care of his sick grandmother, we experience this and a lot more other situation from this film in real life, as immigrant students the language barrier is also illustrated in the film were we see a student who didn’t know English but still wanting to get an education.

Mr. Escalante had a lot of expectations towards the students he was teaching, he encourages them to do more and stay in school while other teachers at Garfield H.S didn’t really trust the ability that Mr. Escalante saw on the students because they feel like the students were not more than gang members and students about to drop out school with no enthusiasm about learning. Furthermore, I feel like the teachers were a little jealous of Mr. Escalante because in his fleeting period teaching at this school he could think id ideas of how to make the school a better place with a better reputation so they can get more economic found.

However, I personally think the students did cheat on the first time they took the exam, but I think it may be because they didn’t trust themselves and their own abilities, plus the people around them make them think that they couldn’t pass the exam so therefore they feel the necessity of cheat to pass the exam. The ETS thought they cheat because they all had the same wrong answers and mistakes which makes reasonable the distrust towards the ability of the students of passing the exam, I think the students did great by retook the test because that was the only way to prove themselves and others that they could pass the test without the need of cheating.

Ms. Escalante is the example of how a teacher can change a whole class just by encouraging them to do better and trust the abilities inside of each one of his students. This film reflects many difficulties that we as immigrant students pass to became someone in the society and have a better future academically.  

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