The Similarities of Macbeth and Holinshed's Chronicles: Theme of Holinshed's Chronicles

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“Ambition beats genius 99% of the time” ~Jay Leno. That's why we are here to take a look at two examples of that 1%. Macbeth: the fictional character in the Shakespearian play “Macbeth”, and Pablo Escobar: the most notorious and well-known drug lord of the 1970s and 1980s if not the century. But, before we compare the two we need to get to know them first. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was born on December 1, 1949, in the Colombian city of Rionegro, Antioquia; his family later moved to the suburb of Envigado. Ever since he was a baby, Escobar had a dream of becoming into the president of Columbia. Sadly, Pablo started his illegal life while he was a teenager, starting with selling fake diplomas to students. He then started stealing stereos equipment and headstones and resell them with a good price. After his first arrest, as a result; of stealing cars. He went on to be the Colombian drug trafficker that controlled over 80 percent of the cocaine that went into the United States of America; it was reported that more than 15 tons were illegally smuggled daily, making him a maximum amount of $420 million every week. During the peak of his reign during the mid-'80s, According to Forbes Magazine, Pablo Escobar was one of the wealthiest men alive amounting to a net worth of $30 billion. 

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Earning him the rank of one of Forbes Magazine’s ten wealthiest individuals within the world. He had so much Cash that Escobar purchased a Learjet for the only purpose of flying his cash. Escobar was introduced to the hard drug market in the 1970s, doing business with criminals to make the drug cartel. He gained famed by supporting charities and football clubs. As his fortune and popularity grew, he wanted to achieve his childhood dream of being viewed as a leader. In a way, he aimed to be looked at like a Robin Hood by giving and caring about the poor, which was perpetuated by a lot of people Pablo helped by spending money to create social programs for the less fortunate. But later, all of this would come back to haunt him as campaigns grow and caused the murder of thousands that went against him. Colombian enforcement finally found Pablo Escobar, shot in his right ear, on December 2, 1993, in a neighborhood in Medellin. As a firefight started between Escobar and Gunmen. He tried to flee across the rooftops, but, didn’t make it. On the other hand, we have Macbeth; the star character of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. 

The Play of 'Macbeth' relies heavily on the background of the UK at the time of 1577 and referred to as 'Holinshed's Chronicles.' It bares similarities concerning King Duff, he was killed by his people, including with them Donwald, the inspiration for a character of the Shakespearian play. That’s why lack of loyalty and murderous characteristics had to be added to the character. Macbeth could be an advanced character that changes throughout the course of the play. In the beginning of the story, Macbeth is introduced as a brave, loyal, and strong warrior which is then rewarded for his bravery in defending the throne with a new title from the king. That title being the Thane of Cawdor, a title that he was predicted to get by the three witches, their prophecy is what helps drive Macbeth's developing aspiration and adds to his change into a killer and tyrant. How much of a push Macbeth required to become a murderer isn't clear. But the word of three mysterious women, together with his wife's conniving pressure, appears to be enough to push his overweening ambition to be king in the direction of murder. Our first perception of Macbeth as a brave soldier is lessened once we learn how simply Macbeth is controlled by Lady Macbeth. We then watch his vulnerability to Lady Macbeth as she manipulates him using his masculinity as a pressure point. Macbeth is a complicated character, he looks like he has the capacity to be good at the start, but we later on see that he lacks the strength to resist his wife's orders. As the play goes-on, Macbeth is bombarded with emotional waves of self-doubt, ambition, and violence. But as he thinks about what he has done, Macbeth can’t help but commit more and more bad in hopes of covering up everything else. Viewing Macbeth as an evil creature is tough as a result of him clearly lacking mental stability and confidence. 

We go on to see what the tragic events that occur in the play do to his mental state: His guilt causes him a good deal of painfulness and ends up in sleep disorder and hallucinations, such as the bloody dagger and also the ghost of Banquo. He is a person controlled by forces other than himself, however despite being subject to those forces larger than his troubled and weakening conscience, despite this inner division, he is still capable of murder, acting like the warrior we meet at the start of the play. Macbeth is rarely proud of his actions, even once they have attained him his prize as a result of he's acutely attentive to his own tyranny. This separated still, small voice proceeds as far as possible of the play, where there is a positive feeling when the soldiers are at his gate. Be that as it may, Macbeth keeps on remaining foolhardily sure maybe on account of his inerrable conviction inside the witches' prophecies. At his end, Macbeth epitomizes an interminable paradigm, the feeble dictator: the ruler whose ruthlessness is a result of internal shortcoming, insatiability for power, blame, and helplessness to others' intrigues and weights. The play closes where it started: with a fight. In spite of the fact that Macbeth is executed for being a dictator, there is a little recovering activity that gifts him his warrior status back in the exceptionally last scenes of the play. Through the span of the play, the character of Macbeth in a surpassing sense ends up at ground zero, back to fight, anyway as of now as a huge, broken, and urgent rendition of his prior self. 

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