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The Simple Happiness Of Marriage

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Marriage is a thing of joy, a mutual understanding which comes with age and maturity. Most people get into immature relationships and later on marriages; due to lack of compatibility and guidance. One is to receive inward satisfaction of the partners we are engaged with, in order to avoid to “leap before you look”. The world has become less carful of marital rites and vows said at the altar of the almighty and that is the reason why the sacredness of marriage is less experienced in courtships. Leaving with someone other than your siblings, family members, but same sex who is in order word your boyfriend or girlfriend before marriage is an act of cowardice and immaturity. It simply exhibits the symptoms of lack of wisdom, age and childishness. This is because the majority of persons engaged in such act, lack a sense of counselling on what they are engaged into. As such, they are to be guided parentally before they get to leave under the same room as a couple.

The idea of leaving together so as to get to know one another is an ideology surrounded by laziness, this is so because I think for a fact that an attitude is like pregnancy, with time it shows off and you can guess what time a woman is due for delivery, same as a person’s character over time. I rest my entire opinion against people leaving together before marriage due to some reasons from the GSS Survey database, which is a reliable database for sociologists. I employ your judgement so as to help make the right decisions for other people in the society.

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Firstly, marriage is a like a puzzle, its either you pick a snake or a fish in it, so one has to be wise on the life partner he or she chooses; because it is the smallest handcuff we can lock ourselves in into giving the beauty of our wedding rings. We get to have the opportunity to see how many people are against people leaving together before marriage, and later how many are in favor of such a detestable act in the side of the almighty and belittling of feminism in society. I say feminism because women are the highest of the sexes being thrown out of a relationship when they are tested like the guinea pigs as done like scientists by the “so-called men” whom they want to study. The only degree we are to achieve in life are found in schools, and therefore I see no reason why people should have to leave in the same house to study partners so as to get a degree of marriage at the end of twenty years or more, which will never be realized in majority cases.

Furthermore, marriage is an organized way of thoughts, lifestyles groomed by the parents from an early age by this I mean, as children learn how to leave with their brothers, and tolerate their excesses which is enough to be regard that one doesn’t have to leave with their boyfriend before marriage. The graph below strongly opposes the idea of leaving with your boyfriend before marriage.


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