The Smartness and Wit of Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen

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Cleopatra was known as a powerful Queen, which started at a young age. Her father died when she was 18 so Cloepatra and her brother got married and co-ruled the kingdom together. She was later overthrown by her brother and fled to Rome, where she snuck into King Caesar’s house and seduced him. They became lovers after that and Caesar and his army helped her take Egypt back and kill her brother. After all this settled down she had a baby and named him Caesarian.

Cleopatra kept Egypt stable after the civil war even tho he country was very poor because of it. Caesar get assassinated by his peers because they didn’t like the way he was ruling. This left her without a lover that has the power to keep her safe, so she knew she had to find someone else. She went after Caesar’s best friend Mark Antony, she won him over with her seduction. Now with power back in her hands she can keep ruling peacefully. Mark Antony spends a lot of time away from Rome busy with Cleopatra and is being plotted against by his co-ruler Octavian. Octavian ends up defeating Egypt and its army and Cleopatra and Mark antony kill themselves.

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Cleopatra and Mark Antony had a very intense relationship, they spent a lot of time together and were not as focused on their empires as they should have been. I think they love each other because if they didn’t love each other, why were they spending so much time together. I know that Cleopatra tried to use men to gain the power she wants but there had to have been some type of connection between them.

These two were a very powerful couple they kept each other around by giving each other things they needed like money to support army troops. The way they clashed together and helped each other out only shows me love. If they didn’t love each other then why would they sacrifice so much to keep this going. It ends up being a bad thing in the end and they both end up dead because they spend too much time together.

Mark Antony dominant trait was that he could woo women, he had that spark about him that made it hard to keep away from him. He was very gullible though, he let Cleopatra control him and use him to her advantage. Cleopatra was very good at persuading people, especially men. She would use her beauty to get in the heads of men and get what she wants, she was very smart about things and was a good ruler.

Julius Caesar was very powerful when it came to being a leader, he thought very big of himself and thought he was the best. He was very blind to a lot of things though because he had many things plotted against him which led to his downfall. Ocavian did not like the fact that Mark Antony was helping Egypt, he wanted to rule as much as he could. He took over Egypt and had no shame. He just likes having power over everyone. I like Cleopatra because i like the way she used others to get power, she was so smart about it and kept herself safe. I disliked Octavian because he was looking out of himself when he decided to take over Egypt.

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