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The Social Foundations of the Mayan Civilization

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Within these last few decades, the Mayan society has had such a profound way of getting our interests and imaginations that we’ve looked deeper into the culture. There have been generations of explorers that have thrown themselves into the thick jungles of Central America that have found buried cities, extraordinary pyramids and religious secrets, that had our fascination with this ancient culture. The Mayans have left such a complex structure, unusual cuisines, and languages that have had a tremendous effect on our modern time. However, the more we dive into the Mayan culture, the more incomprehensible our experience of it grows. After long years of investigation and excavations, historians are still unable to inform us for who these people actually were, where they came from, and how their big empire crumbled. However, the little that we have heard reveals that the Mayans were an astonishing, intelligent and amazing society.

Mayan social and spiritual pattern is what tends to make the most attention from people of the contemporary period. The Maya were fantastically skilled mathematicians and stargazers. The Mayans, for instance, were expected to be the first society in human history to see the idea of zero. The Mayans also examined the stars up close rather than just staring up, the Mayans had a meticulous note and made calculations from what they thought. As a result, the Mayans produced the list, which is still more accurate than the basic list we have today. The Mayans were a highly devout, polytheistic society, and each time the Mayan calendar had changed the actions to either end or prevent an order to appease the deities. The Mayans believed that the gods would punish them if they didn’t follow their wishes.

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The Mayans conveyed their attitude artistically. Mayan creation has been identified as some of the richest creation on earth. The Mayans are known for their characteristic style, which comprises The great intricacy of designs and changing media expressions. The age of Indian artwork was made in order to appease their gods. Indian art commonly depicts gods, rules, heroes, religious pictures, and, on rare occasions, everyday life. Indian artwork was made up of pictures, sculptures, models, and figurines. Most Indian creation was organized by kings and rulers to celebrate themselves and ensure their place in Mayan history.

Mayan culture is likely one of the most fascinating and interesting civilizations that always existed on Earth. From its ambiguous origins to incredible technological and aesthetic advancements reached by the Mayan civilization in its height to its unexpected unexplainable death and everything about it seems as if it had been made up specifically to arouse the curiosity of later generations.

Religion was rather significant for Mayans and the central part of their society. Yet Mayan art and architecture have links to spiritual concepts. The temple-pyramids of the Mayans were painted with pictures and represented the greatest examples of Mayan building. Everyone had some part at the sacred ceremonies and festivals which were run by the priests. Everyone also provided food and material possessions as their gift to those deities. Offers also included animal kill and in extraordinary instances, human sacrifice. Different varieties of prayers and incantations were prevalent among the Mayans which have been shown at various codices.

The Mayan society saw the fall during the eighth and 9th century. Although its reasons are still the issue of intense scientific speculation, archaeologists find the clear cessation of inscriptions and architectural structure. The Mayan civilization remained as the regional force until its breakthrough by Spanish conquistadors. As a matter of fact, the individual, the non-centralized government permitted the Mayans to strongly withstand the Spanish conquest of present-day Mexico. The Mayan civilization is maintained day throughout the Yucatan, although some of these inscriptions have been lost.


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