The Social Isolation Problems Main Topics

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Many groups and foundations are trying to solve the problem of social isolation yet no one has come up with a definite solution. Although, I think the Samuel Family Foundation has come the closest. Producing a video and creating a website, they have spread awareness and provided information to anyone who wants it. Firstly, this solution is the best because they have done the most to spread awareness.

The president of SFF said,” Situations that are helpless are the ones that are allowed to thrive in shadows. This is not one of those because we’re calling this out.” They have quotes like this and more on their website, throughout their video and on top of all that, it is all easy to access. Secondly, I think the solution has the most people apart of their team that support them and help them get closer to finding a solution. 

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For example, they are partners with taking it global, Synergos, Special Olympics, and McGill University. At McGill University they have classes that work on this project further everyday. All in all, I believe the solution is the best because the Samuel Family Foundation have spread awareness and has a big team behind them that help and support them.

Although I think the Samuel Family Foundation is most successful right now, the rwjf foundation has also attempted to solve this issue. First of all, the rwjf foundation creates a positive work environment. “ dedicated co-workers, good work-life balance, meaning for work, free lunch!”- anonymous employee.

Since they have created a positive work environment this could be more employees and more support for their team and their cause. Also, they have multiple websites. Having more than one website means that more people are likely to see it and more publicity. After this publicity they could draw more and more people to them and have a higher chance of finding a solution. All websites address the issue and are very detailed. Even though the solution has done a good job, I still think the first solution is doing better because they have a bigger community behind them and I think that they have more information on their website.

Even though there are people trying to solve social isolation, there's still room to improve and eliminate the problem altogether. If we don't find a solution or treat the problem then we will have to continue to see our team struggle.” Through ongoing effort, events and dialogue, this network continues its commitment to further understanding of social isolation to gain insight, and to confirm actions required to support and Achieve social connectedness as a key to individual and Community well-being” With all the research I've done and looking at specific cases, I can say that this is a difficult situation to tree but it does need more attention. there are a few Solutions but I think the video and spreading awareness is the best thing right now.   

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