The Social Issue of Teenage Suicide


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The percentage of teen Americans with psychiatric issues and suicide rates is increasing, based on studies from the American Psychological Association these mental health concerns doubled over the past 10 years. The Disease Control (CDC), revealed that in 2016, 2,000 young adults took their own lives. Just one year later, the number jumped to 45,000, according to Pacific Standards. Youth suicide is the second leading cause of death from ages 10 through 24. Statistics show four out of five teenagers show signs before they attempt suicide. This is a major social problem in our society, that more people should be aware of. These suicidal teens should get the mental intervention that they need. 18.5 percent of suicide attempts happen during the summertime. The encounters are at their highest during the fall and spring months, doubles the amount during the summer months. Many pediatricians in these hospitals do not feel a need to deal with suicidal thoughts from the youth and send them to another specialist. Dr. Laural Williams, psychiatry at Texas Hospital, says different illness such as depression, or other mental health disorders is a major role that’s played.

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Traumatic events, substance abuse, family problems, low self-esteem, school, losing someone, romantic relationships are some problems affects teenagers stress level. Having more than one external stressor. 17-year-old Michelle Carter goes to jail five years after she convinced her 18-year-old boyfriend Conrad Roy, via text message to kill himself. Helping him choose a method on how he should commit suicide. This was not just one to two messages, this was weeks of her pushing him, not to mention when he got cold feet, she told him to get back in his truck. Having negative people and negative thoughts can really mess with your head as if you didn’t have suicidal thoughts already. Conrad was mentally unstable, and she urged him to kill himself. In this case, a romantic relationship, and low self-esteem, can push a person to the edge.

Social media and other media outlets are the roots of a lot of major problems. It is a whole different type of bullying, and trolls. 13 Reasons Why, a television show about a teenage girl and her depression and the reasons why she was depressed and what led to her commits suicide. This sparked a lot of controversy about it being glamorized. According to a study at the University of Michigan, 49% of suicidal teenagers that were treated in psychiatric care watched 13 reasons why, said it increased their suicide risk. 

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