The Society of Anthem


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The people in the society are demanded to do what there job is and must live with fear. Every person’s life is planned from birth to death and are controlled their entire life. They must be driven to work hard to please the people who control them. When they get to rest at forty, their bodys are beaten up. Equality states that, “ At the age of forty, they are worn out. At forty, they are sent to the house of the useless, where the old ones lives. The old one do not work….. They do not speak once, for they are weary. The old ones know that they are soon to die.”( Rand 28 ). Equality used words like “ worn out “ and “ weary “ that infrared that the work of the society places a big toll on their bodies. So the average death age is 45 because they don’t have anything else to do since there consider useless at the age of forty. So they die because their bodys are worn out and they cant do anything because there useless.

Anthem in my opinion takes place in the future. Equality had given the job of sweep sweeper although he is intelligent. He uses his advantage to find a tunnel of electricity cables and many more things. This discovery shows that their wee people before the society of Anthem. When Equality found the tunnel he states, “ No man known to us could have built this place, nor the men known to our brothers who lived before us, and yet it was built by man.”( Rand 11 ). This shows that the society known of men before them and that a different society was their building and living. I think the society before Anthem were technolicy advance and that a great event happened like a war or battle that left he men after to live of of nothing and then advance to present day Anthem.

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Ayn Rand made Equality into someone you want to rote for. She made him self-aware and intelligent. She made him think of himself which proved key into standing out among his brother. Equality is six feet tall and he is considered evil because nobody is as tall as him. He stands out though hs height. Equality lives in a society where everybody’s equal and he tries to fit in and follow rules and do his job but deep inside he doesn’t want to be controlled. He stared his journal stating, “ It is a sin to write this “ ( Rand 1 ). He knew that writing in a secret journal was risky but he did it anyway so he could be free of one thing. He’s a risk taker and that shows him standing out.

The characteristic traits of liberty – 5000 in the brief description is she’s beautiful, fearless, and elegant. She stands out to the rest and caches the eye of Equality’s eye. Equality states, “ We stood still; for the first time did we know fear, and then pain” ( Rand 16 ). This shows that equality didn’t know what he was feeling towards Liberty. She is the most beautiful Equality as ever seen. He can see fearlessness in her eyes and can tell that’s she not kind though her expression. Liberty though Equality’s eyes is she’s straight and tall with golden hair and dark brown eyes. In my mind I can see a beautiful girl with an unusual personality.

The society of anthem tries to take away the freedom of expression and they take away the freedom of choice. They assign jobs to men. They tell them when to work, eat, and sleep. They control everybody’s life from birth to death. Equality states, “ And we take no heed of the law which says that men may not think of women, save at the Time of Mating.” (Rand 17). The society controls the mating process, birth, and childhood of kids. It’s not fair but they have to follow the rules or they get sent to the Palace of Corrective Detention.

Equality was given the name “ Unconquered “ because he could not be controlled by the society. He was beaten in the Palace of Corrective Detention for not giving information to the society. When he escaped he went to the council but after there denial he fled to the Uncharted forest. There he was free and unconquered because nobody goes into the Uncharted forest. Equality states, “ We forget all men, all laws and all things save our metals and our wire.” (Rand 25). This shows that he was finally unconquered from the mines of the society and is free of there mind games.

The prisoners in the Palace of Corrective Detention never tried to escape because they were scared that they will get punished worse than a jail sail. The prisoners also didn’t have a motive to escape and unlike equality weren’t smart enough to ge out. The society they live in is a world where they aren’t classify as I but we. If they escape, then they’re no longer part of the society because they didn’t serve their full time in prison. Their only two options are returning to the house of scholars r running to the uncharted forest. The prisoner will most likely surrender because the society is afraid of the uncharted forest where no man had ever been. Equality states, “ Then, tonight, we know that we must escape. For tomorrow the world council of the city is to meet in our city.” (Rand 32). This shows that equality had a plan to escape because he wanted to live a better life then he had now. He had time, motive, and a plan to get out of the prison were as the other prisoners were afraid to disobey the society.

Equality’s main motivation in conducting his experiments was for him to be free and to be free to do whatever he wants. His great joy is that he did something so incredible by himself. His invention helps discovers who he is and it gives him motivation to help other people find who they are. Equality states, “ Yes, we do care. For the first time do we care about our body.” (Rand 29). This shows that equality cares for himself and for others. This shows that he thinks for himself rather than the society thinking for him. He motivates himself this way and will try to show his invention to the society.

At the beginning of chapter 7 Equality is in the dark forest laying down on he grown. He feels old and weary but earlier in the morning he feels young as he taking his invention to the council. This is because his invention and his invention made him feel young. He felt like a new person had been born out of his old body. But once the council denied his invention, he felt like he was old because the invention brought hope into his eyes. Equality states, “ These great and wise of the earth did not know what to think of us, and they looked upon us with wonder and curiosity, as if we were a miracle.” (Rand 33). This shows that the council saw a new person who was reborn. Equality’s appearance was new and unseen before, but when he was rejected he became old again in disappointment.

The reason behind the rejection and fear of the gift is that the electricity hurts the society. If they show interest then they show that Equality is brighter than them. Collective 0-0009 states, “ How dare you think that your mind held greater wisdom than the minds of your brother? “ (Rand 35). This shows the anger and jealousness that Collective shows. He doesn’t like to be outsmarted and out thinked. He knows that the society will crumble with this new power. The council knows that by accepting this new power then everyone will question the society and why they have to live with only fire.

Equality experiences laziness in chapter 8. He has experience what a day is like with no work, no bedtime, and no orders. He has become free of his society and he’s happy. He states, “ We though suddenly that we could lie thus as long as we wish, and we laughed out loud at the thought.” (Rand 39). This shows Equality’s feelings towards this new laziness. He’s happy and joyful for the first time in his life. He’s living the best life he’s ever had he is free and he wishes to be free from now on. He’s glad to be away from his society.

The uncharted forest symbolizes the unknown in Anthem. It also symbolizes mystery and confusion. Its significant because it helps Equality learned more of the society before his society. The forest is a big question mark to the anthem society and it causes panic in what’s inside. Equality states, “ We know that men would not follow us, for they never enter the Uncharted Forest.” (Rand 38). This shows that nobody dares to enter the forest because they fear what’s inside. The society can’t control people into not going in the forest but they know that the put enough fear in them to not go in the forest.

Before Equality escape his society, he was taught that solitude, joy, good, and evil are what the society thinks and not what you think. The society takes away self thought so you can’t say that’s evil until the council says that’s evil. When he escaped into the Uncharted Forest, he found a new sense of solitude, joy, good, and evil. Equality states, “ We have no need of our brothers. Let us forget their good and evil, let us forget all things save that we are together and that there is joy as a bond between us.” (Rand 42). This shows that Equality does not follow his society sense of solitude, joy, good, and evil but follows his own sense on that.

The proper goal and purpose in life to Equality is his own happiness. He is happy that he left his society and is happy that the golden one is with him. He never was happy in his society but he had to act happy because his society control his emotion. He states, “ I guard my treasures: my though, my will, my freedom. And the greatest of these is freedom.” (Rand 49). This shows that he is happy that hey has self protection and that he’s finally free from his society. He finds his own happiness by going to the forest and having the golden one follow him and then them finding a house just gives him joy.

“I” is like a god in Anthem because it’s powerful and it can mean many things like god can represent many things. “I” was feared by many people and it caused the society to totally obiulate it from there society. Equality states, “And now I see the face of god, and I raise this god over the earth, this god who men have sought since men came into being, this god who will grant them joy and peace and pride.” (Rand 50). Equality used words like “joy” and “pride” that compares “I” to god. The word “I” gives Equality the chance to find who he is and he looks up to this word like people look up to god.

The main characters look the names Prometheus and Gaea because those names spoke out to Equality and he loved the origins behind the names. Prometheus spoke out to Equality out of all the names in the book because Prometheus brought light to men and was punished for his deeds. Prometheus’s story is similar to Equality’s because they both tried to make a difference in life. Then Equality chose Gaea for the golden ones name because in the books she was described as a beautiful goddess. Since the Golden one was the most beautiful thing Equality has seen, he had to give her that name. They were not allowed to choose names in their society because the society did not allow individuality and self though. Equality states, “ My dearest one, it is not proper for men to be without name.” (Rand 51). This shows that Equality cares for a name because it gives him individuality but his society would not allow individuality or give them names.

Prometheus plans on rebuilding what the present has lost and go even further. He also plans on raising his child has a man who understands the concept of “I”. He hopes to free his friends from the society and bring them to his home. He wants to create a new society were they are free to have emotion and have names. It will be different from his old society because it gives more freedom and everybody’s going to have a say. Prometheus stated, “ Here on this mountain, I and my son and my chosen friends shall build our new land and our fort.” (Rand 55). He going to make a better future for his people.

To be free from their society, Prometheus and Gaea must move past their brothers and ignore their sin that the society sees in them. The society now thinks that Prometheus (Equality) and Gaea (Liberty) are sins but Prometheus and Gaea can’t think what they see in them. They can’t follow the rules and seeings that the society indurse on them. They have to forget their brothers and forget their friends. Equality states, “ And suddenly, for the first time this day, we remembered that we are the the damned. We remember it, and we laugh.” (Rand 40). This show that equality doesn’t care about what he is called by his society, but that he not in that society that are his brothers who call him bad things because the society told them to.

The overall message about life in Anthem is self-discovery and self-awareness. Rand showed a situation were a society is mainly composed of destroying any self-thoughts or any self-discovery. When the main character escape he discovered himself. By discovery himself, he made a new life with his lover and they plan to expand this plan. Equality states, The word which can never die on this earth, for it is the heart of it and the meaning an the glory. The sacred word: EGO.” (Rand 55). That last sentence explain the main message in life that whatever you do, it can’t affeced your EGO as EGO never dies.

Rand’s overall purpose in writing Anthem was to create a society where everyone is not allowed to have self thoughts and no names and no freedom of expression. Rand wants to show what it would like to take away the first amendment witch is freedom of speech/expression. The society takes away basic human rights and it causes everybody to be sad but they have to be happy at all times. Rand showed us what a real dystopia would look like. She created a society were the leaders control everybody lives. They choose your job, your name, and they assign the mating process. Rand really shows us how terrible a dystopia would look like. She succeeded in creating a society that we can possibly be in 100 year from now.

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