The Socioeconomic Integration Of Migrants In Germany And The Uk

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This research is based on the topic “An analysis of the socio-economic integration of migrants in Germany and the UK”. Here, the focus will be mainly in two countries Germany and the U.K and the migrants as well as their socio economic integration. A big part of world’s migrants is divided in those two following countries. Migrants of Germany and Europe describe those people who came into the countries to fulfil the particular purpose of study, work or for seeking asylum. Migration in seeking asylum means when the country of a migrated public became dangerous for him or her. This migration came in the time of Second World War, when Germany used to open their borders for the migrants, so that, they can stand beside the country and fight for Germany. According to the data Germany had the largest migrants flow in 1990 followed by the U.K. 1000 of migrants crossed the Mediterranean Sea just to get entry to Europe. This research concluded about the migrants issue in Germany and Europe. For this purpose, we are going to use qualitative and quantitative research methods. A chart based on Net migration of the Germany that provides the actual number of the migrants from a 2000 to 2007. Besides that, this research will also include the percentage of the migrant people too. In fact, this research will also provide the regions or the state from where the maximum numbers along with the percentage too of the migrants came. This number will be provided as the format of chart and pie chart. Not only this, but the research also describes the numbers of people and their country, who are submitting their application for the purpose of the seeking asylum. In fact, the numbers of rejection of that application and the number of the deportation of the migrated people are also connected as chart form with the research article.


Integration of migrant in different fields is not the new term. This process is coming from the historian age. However, now days, the popularity of this is started to be increased. It is seen that the flourish of the socio-economic integration of migrant is increasing form the last five decades. Our research is focusing on the rapid increase of the migrant, and the effect of this on the socio-economic condition of the country. This migrant is very helpful so as harmful too. Different sociologist thinks that this migrant left a great impact in the society of the country. New cultures, thinking opinions, and life styles come with the migrant to the country. Mostly, people of the country are influenced by new cultures, life styles, fashions of migrants and create a new social system. This influence can be good or bad too. In fact, the migrants also manipulate economic status of the country.

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Migration in the Germany or in UK is one of the major issue and an unavoidable fact also. Turkish, Muslims etc. people are started to come in Germany or UK as migrants. In fact, the largest group of the migrants are belonging from the Muslim religion. However, both Germany and UK is not ready to deal with this matter. Moreover, the most important is that, migration of new people left a great impact in the political issue of Germany and UK. Besides that, the migrants of Germany and UK also influence the cultures, fashions, languages, opinion, and thinking process etc. (Nauck, 2016).

The door of had been opened on the year 1950 after world war. Due to the Second World War, Germany had to face the worker shortage problems. This is the cause for Germany to open its door for the outsider of the country as migrants. As a result, Germany signed a deal with different country to bring labours from those countries in the exchange of money. This agreement was first signed with the Turkish. Through this, the Germany decided to bring labour by exchanging of the cheap rate of price. However, after the 1973 when Germany faced a huge oil crisis, then they decided to stop exporting the labours from different countries. Additionally, now Germany is more focused on to stop the integration of migration and wants to create a migration free country. For this purpose, Germany assigned a low or policy where it is mentioned clearly that those babies who will born in Germany will only get the Germany citizenship (García-Ramírez, & Hernández-Plaza, 2011).

In fact, this is also applicable for UK too. UK exports people as a labour because the exported labours can usually provide comparatively less price. However, the main fact for this in migration purpose, this increases the population of the country. Besides that, the cultures, language, life styles etc. are influenced through them.

Research Aim

The aim of this research is to analyse UK and Germany’s socio-economic integration of migrants

Research Objectives

The objectives of this research are as follows.

  • To know the number of the quantity of the migrants of those countries
  • To analyse the social integration of migrants in the Germany and UK
  • To analyse the economic integration of migrants in the Germany and UK

Literature Review

A literature review is mainly discussed about the simple summery of the sources through which the data or information related to the topic is collected. However, most of the time a literature review discussed about the organisational structure and with that, it is also dealing about the combination of synthesis and summaries. Therefore, a literature review of the research is like an analysis of the research or literature, which is related to a specific research questions or topics. Additionally, literature review is the like the secondary source of the research and is not the real and experimental work. In fact, in some cases, that dissertation that will not carry a literature review can be cancelled. Sometimes a literature reviews are consisted of the writings that are self-contained reviews on that particular subject or issue. In fact, it describes the relationship of the each work to the others under consideration (Edwards, 2012).

Similarities of Germany and Europe

Germany is the most popular and significant destination in Europe for migration. After World War II millions of migrates had been admitted to Germany. Some years after the setup of Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic there was a massive migration movements from East Germany to West Germany. In that time until the building of Berlin War (August, 1961) at least 3.5 million people crossed the border to settle in Germany.

On 1st January, in the year 2000 the new law of nationality make a new legal force. And a new element were introduced of is soli only for the migrant children who were born in Germany. For the adult migrants there was also a new laws, these laws made a chance of the employment of foreign IT skilled. By 2000, civic society organisations, governments, and the employers were widely responsible for any kind of implementation of integration for the migrants in Germany. Since then The Government of Germany has taken many steps forward and they are trying their best to improve the migration system of Germany. Many new paradigms were made to provide coherence, to integrate the non-nationals and to solve the social challenges caused by the immigration. Germany brings a law in January 2005 to improve the visa system and immigration. There was also a reformed package, which give a great impact to the Right of Asylum, the Residence Law and the Integration Course Ordinance. According to that Reform language and integration for the adult immigrants were funded and regulated, and the regulations for visa for the immigrant students and all the systems for visa in the government offices were simplified. Germany focused in the benefits migrants give to the society and changed the climate of the discussion. The immigration in Germany is basically limited to the students, skill workers and their close family members. Business visas are available for 90 days. Student visa lasts for three month and can be extended up to six months. A person granted as a refugee by Germany after they face prosecution because of their religion, race or belonging to a special group. From 2005, the refugees whom got recognised enjoy the rights. There is a Green Card Initiative , which gave an immigration for a temporary time to the IT specialist , and this plan is followed by the law implementation which is called “Immigration Law” This law also provide an adjustment of the existing fundamental right on asylum and foreign national law. The government established the support of the integration of the immigrants. The law manage the complete immigration with the economic consideration and market interest of labour.

However, past two decades has been a time for Germany to make some changes in terms of migration. Germany still giving its effort to find out and solve the policy gaps in the migration system. Germany has brought more divergence and makes some policy framework and institutional and social adaptation to migration (cks, Haastert,Trautner, Giani, & Hoffmann, 2015).

The immigration policy of Europe is mainly based on solidarity. The intention of the immigration policy is to build a balance the both part regular and irregular immigration.

The correct migration flow management and to ensure the fair treatment of the national of the third countries, to keep updates of the irregular immigration and also to promote the complete cooperation with the non-member countries in all fields. The main aim is to build all the rights and also they take care that compared to the citizens of Europe the migrants also have fair rights. It also make an outline for migrants which can help them in the crisis situation. The commission adopted the ‘Global Approach to Migration and Mobility’ in 2011, which gave a framework of the third countries and Europe in the fields of migration. It is based-on main four pillars.

Irregular immigration and trafficking in human beings

The current refugee crisis is the world is the most severe problem in the world, from the end of World War II. And this problem is growing bigger day by day as the migrates keep multiplying. This is one of the main cause of the long political crisis, Civic Wars etc. It is also one of the major reason of the lack of economic development. The Europe and Germany has the laws to give them shelter and protection and also sometimes welcome them.

Regular immigration and mobility

Regular immigration and mobility is one of the major part of world’s law. The lawyer across the world has been helping many companies in technologies, defence, manufacturing, healthcare and financial services. They design greater law of immigration and design, manage and implement mobility programs of the whole world that address all the administrative and all the legal issues.

International protection and asylum policy-

All the humans are humans, before the classification of migrants or non-migrants. The protection is their birth right no matter where are they belong from and where they live. Maximum countries have some rules to save them. Like in Europe, the Open Society Federations wants help to support the migrants and to give some easiness among all the challenges in the integration. Many countries support this kind of effort. Europe also enjoys the freedom movement and open borders there countries share the same values regarding the fundamental rights. They also welcome the migrants.

Maximizing the impact of migration and mobility on development

The approach of migration and mobility covers mainly four areas regarding the global approach. Giving facilities to the migrates and organising legal matters, reducing and preventing irregular migration and also make some control in human trafficking, maximise the impact of migration and mobility on development.

The European Agenda on Migration proposes a measurement to reduce and cope with all the difficulties and crisis and trying to manage all aspects of immigration within next few years.

The commission gave a guidelines in four aspects

  • Incentives Reducing
  • A more stronger asylum policy
  • The management of border.
  • A new policy on regular immigration, setting the priorities of integration policies.

There are some similarities between the Germany and European migration policies. Both countries focused on the rights of the migrates. Since both have huge migrates in their respected countries and they become a part of their social culture as well as financial culture. There is a huge part where talented migrates take part they give benefit to both the countries and they only need the security from them.

Germany bring law to improve the visa system so that none of the migrates was suffered similarly. Europe also bring a border management system. They both made law for the safety and security of the migrants. Asylum policy is the common one for both the countries. It focuses in the fundamental rights of the migrates so that none of them can get harassed by the citizens also. Both are trying to fill the gap of the polices and if there are any scope of improvement. Both the countries trying to save live and secure the borders. Germany allows people to give citizenship by solely and also through birth. Europe helps there migrate as much as possible.

Similarities between the United Kingdom and Europe

Immigration laws of United Kingdom are related to those who may work in, work and remain in the United Kingdom. The three basic reasons for migrate in United Kingdom are:

  1. Economic reasons, people used to migrate in United Kingdom for the economical purpose.
  2. People used to migrate in the United Kingdom to reunite with the family members.
  3. Seeking asylum, it is the most valuable cause for the migration. If the home countries became dangerous for the member, then he/she used to migrate to United Kingdom along with others.

The government of the United Kingdom carries a limited scope for the purpose of the entry in the UK or the economical areas of the United Kingdom. In 2004, when the United Kingdom open its boundaries for migrate in the employment market of the United Kingdom, and then there was no restriction for the citizens who are coming from the other sates of the world along with the European. However, according to the employment right of 2007 to 2013, the United Kingdom restricted the free movement of the employments who came from the other states out of the United Kingdom. However, after 2010, the government of the United Kingdom decided to reduce the number of migrants and for this purpose, the government signed several policies through which the government of the United Kingdom decided to limit the immigration numbers. According to this law, the UK decided to allow those people as a migrated who came for mainly three purposes that are work, study, and family. In fact, according to this law, to be migrants in UK requires some special skills. This policy states that those children who born in United Kingdom and the parent of the child should be British citizen and settled in UK then that child will get automatically the British Citizenship. However, in several cases migrants can be able to get the citizenship of the UK after following several rules or regulations. However with the rising population in the United Kingdom, this state implement different laws for the migrants to reduce the population and to stop migrants to enter in the country (Bjelland, & Neckelmann, 2012).

In several cases, the migration policies for Europe are similar with the United Kingdom’s migration policies. This policy is created by combining both the internal and external policy. Like United Kingdom, the migrants of Europe are also belonged from the purpose of the economy, family and for seeking asylum. However, according to the recent migration policy of the Europe the transactional restriction are applied on the migrants. In fact, the employment rights are also different for the migrants from the European workers. Like United Kingdom, the freely movement of the migrants employments are restricted. They are not supposed to move freely in the Europe. In fact, unlike the United Kingdom, the European governments are also thinking to make the number of the migrants limited by the applying several types of restrictions. In Europe, those Childs only who will take birth in Europe will eligible to get the European citizenships. However, those child who came from the other state will get the citizenship but must have to go through some steps or conditions (Böhning, 2015).

On the contrary, Germany is also carrying a good number of migrant people. However according to the government of Germany, migrants are not only problems but instead they are seen as an opportunity. The government of Germany started to provide green card facilities after implementation of the “green card law” in the year 2004. In fact, the government of the Germany assigned new “Integration policies” for the migrants of the Germany. After 1st August 2012, the Germany allows high-qualified people from the third world countries and they are provided Blue card as their identity. In fact, Germany instead of restriction, Germany started to allow high-qualified people from different states. Therefore, the government of the Germany, instead of amendment of the employment regulation act, Germany opened a labour market for several specialists, who belong from the third world countries. Like the laws for United Kingdom, the Germany does not implement any law that will restrict the freedom of movement of those migrants in the country. However, getting German citizenship is a little bit difficult for the both German and migrant people. Unlike the citizenship in the UK, where all the who will born and brought up in the United Kingdom’s soil will be eligible to get the citizenship, but getting citizenship in the Germany requires some conditions. In fact, still German governments are taking several steps for the migrants. This acts and regulation for the migrants helps to make the German to be as the second most popular migration destination. The prime cause of allowing the migrants ion Germany is the fast falling rate of population. In 2016, 57.08% migrants are allowed to get the citizenship of the German (Stalker, 2013).

Research Methodology

Methodology is one of the most important parts of Research. It is a specific method or methods, which can solve different problems by following some particular discipline. It is not a formula; it is a set of practices. Political Research, surveys, interviews and different research techniques with present and past information are some process to collect the data by Methodology. It used to examine or investigate a problem of research, critically analyse the information and reliability of the research it also helps to understand the problem. It is a common process to bring out the information in a particular way. It can be said that Methodology is a systematic and scientific way to explore information on a particular topic.


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