The Sound of Belgium: Different Ways and Culture Influence

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In former times, there wasn’t control and people were beginning to experience new ways to have fun with music, while business owners earned money, offering special places for people who could fun. The video starts showing the wars and the consequences that brought with it, for example: new ways of see the life, new customs, new ways to have fun. Moreover, a lot of people took advantages to create innovative things. First, they started to organized the sprees with tents and people who attended those places, they could dance and they spent their money buying drinks.

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In 1920, people used to puncture cartons “ORGAN ROLLS” to make a song, it was 10 meters and it weighed 3 to 4 kilograms. People had a full room to store their songs and they were stored by name. After, the second war, Belgians started to rebuild their country. They create new roads that allowed a big space for the movement in their cars, also it allowed increase the commerce, and the increase of the economy in those years, too.

Nobody could believe that the war brought prosperity, and it allowed the social security, more people in these years could spend money because they had purchasing power and they could buy anything. Everybody wanted to go to the new places of party, and always these places were full of people because in these places “they could dance”. Sadly, the government decided to combat the country’s thirst for beer, those controls made that people’s business were less crowded.

Undoubtedly, people no longer drank or danced as before. Apparently, the dance organs had come to its end, and they could disappear. In 1907, the Dr. Leo Baekeland invented a flammable plastic ‘bakelite”. It was malleable and specialists could give it any form and it was used like a thing to register sounds, as a result ‘the disk was invented by a Belgian’.

The disks conquered the nights with their new sounds, In the Groove was the special place because in that place find Americans and English disks before anyone else. In contrast, Popcorn was a club or place that all the people of Belgium met, also Dutch, Germans and French. It was in Vrasene, it was a little village so far from everything ‘in the countryside’, people took 2 or 3 hours for finding that place.

In my opinion, I think that it is a little demonstration about the globalization and the changes that bring with it, people should adapt to the changes because it allows understand to the rest of the people who buy some product or service that you sell or offer. Finally, the commerce is increase and sometime people prefers import some product instead producing them. In the case of the disks, people imported them from USA. And now, people imported of Chine because they produce in large volumes, allowing the price to be lowest. 

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