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The Speech of Chaplin in the Great Dictator

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The speech of Charlie Chaplin’s that was from the 1940 film The Great Dictator (United Artists) is relevant to nowadays as it was in 1940. The film was five Academy Award-nominated, which plays off with the worst dictator of Hynkel, Tomaniya (a parody of Germany and Adolf Hitler), and his doppelganger, a barber with memory loss (Chaplin played both characters in the two parts). In a comedian way the film acted, the barber was wrong for Hynkel and Chaplin delivered an influential speech that ended the film, which showed all of the evil that the dictator had and created in the world.

Charlie Chaplin’s speech was profoundly focusing on humanity, equality, and showing the suffering of the world from the World War I, in that time U.S.A was facing political bias to Germany and worried about the world war II. However, still, the president was against eliminating the speech in the USA. His speech made a significant effect on the minds of people as he discussed lots of points in terms of leaving the war. Chaplin’s speech was full of support for humanity, against war, and murder. It was a purely political and global issue. The pain echoed all his words about bravery and steadfastness against weapons that dictator Hitler caused. In his speech, he focused on the beginning as an ordinary person who believes that the union of men will seek peace against racism, borders, and differentiation.

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The significant influences that took place in his speech that he spoke about the war in men’s lives and the destruction it caused in human beings to seek racism and control through the dictatorship of Hitler. What happened by Hitler was till now being discussed in most of the classes. He encouraged soldiers to believe in their souls, feelings, and never follow the inhumanity ways to achieve things they don’t even consider if they think deeply from a human perspective. The way Chaplin discussed his thoughts, was powerful, and he had strong faith that people would listen to his words. One of his main points also was that people are the creature to build this earth. They can decide to make it a peaceful place to live in or keep turning it to war and fighting for the sake of ethnicity and racism.

From my perspective, Chaplin’s speech has never been judgmental but stating a real burden on this earth. Can we disagree? Can we say that his words not applicable even to nowadays situation in most of the places that having wars around the world? The world is still full of injustice, and wars continue to cut humanity’s roots out of human lives. People became like machines! Chaplin’s way to discuss and declare his ideas was emotional and analytical. It was bright enough from the introduction of the speech to understand that he is against discrimination and wars. I believe he did an impressive speech that delivered his voice to the whole world. However, the regular people only felt that, but from But the rulers in this world seem to have listened to a play that ended with applause, and that was the end.


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