The Story About My First Car

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The Story About My First Car

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Every individual has their own story, and for those that have a driver’s license they also have their own story about their first car. The first car I owned was 2003 Nissan Altima that I got from a surprise from my parents in 2016. How did the surprise happen you ask? I can recall the day of the surprise when my mother abruptly woke me up on the morning of November 21st 2014. However, “her way” of waking me up was pretty crazy. “Splash”! Yep you guessed it; she poured water on me but not just any water, really really cold water! I was tired, groggy and angry! I was already having a bad weak, and now this? I remember yelling “why mom, it’s too early!” Her response was “Nick wake up and go take out the trash!” I have to admit, at that moment I was infuriated, but I got up, changed my soggy clothes and took out the trash. All of a sudden I heard a horn blowing. I looked up and there was my dad and older brother inside a shiny new, well used, car. My brother who was driving the car pulled in to the driveway.

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Initially, I thought my brother bought a new car. I walked up to the car and said “hey nice car brother.” He patted me on the back and handed me the keys. I looked at him confused. He then said “it’s all yours, take your new car for a spin.” I was filled with joy and excitement the day I finally received my first car. No longer did I have to borrow my parent’s car to go places, or wait on the bus for a ride, or pay for Ubers! When I woke up the next morning to drive to school, it was really convenient not have to wait for a bus or for anyone to pick me up. Then after school I was able to go shopping without the hassle of walking with new clothes and then still have to conquer the stairs that lead into my room. I mean could you imagine walking a half mile with a bag of new clothes or items in your hands in a public area. I mean I enjoyed the exercised of it, but it was grueling.

After driving this vehicle for a month, and even told my friends and family about my new car. So, when I drove it the gym the next morning I freaked out when I started to hear a sound that my car was making every time I accelerated. I did not think anything about it after driving it a while, it was still able to get me to school, and I knew I could ask my brother who knows some mechanical work on cars about the noise after school. I didn’t even get the chance to leave the parking lot before some people came up to the driver side window and said, “Sounds like you need to get your car checked out replaced,” and one person handed me a coupon and said there’s a shop down the road I think it might be your alternator”. Thankfully the sound went away and at the time I was thinking the sound could just be a one-time thing, so I did not tell my brother about the noise. I was mostly thinking about saving money instead of fixing my new car that I just got last month.

As I got back on the road without any noises, I forgot that I needed to replace the alternator in the car. I continued to work and save money and eventually a few months down the road my best cousin, Isiah, had asked if I would like to go to great America with his family. I really wanted to go, and I even told him that we could take my car because I never took him driving in my new car. Consequently, the trip was amazing, and on the way home I let my cousin us back on the way home. but unfortunately, the drive way was deep and hit the alternator was making sounds once again. Of course, the ungodly sound came back, and now the car was shaking often on the way back. We had to return home, so I decided to take measures in to my own hands by finally telling my brother about the Altima’s Alternator. We then finally took it to a mechanic to get it checked out and fixed it.

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