Short Story About Bus Ride and Tsunami in Japan

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One rainy day in Tokyo, Japan, there was a man named Tadashi. Tadashi loved his job as a bus driver he also loved traditional Japanese music. On that day Tadashi was polishing his new bus. After he went to several different bus stops with listening to traditional Japanese songs. Later on that day he picked up so many people at South Tokyo. All of Tadashi’s passengers were watching television on the bus it was set to the news channel.

The passengers were frightened because on the news it said a tsunami is headed to Tokyo. Every television lit up with a tsunami warning, filling the vehicle with the sound of alarms and frightened passenger scream. A Japanese news channel broadcasted a tsunami tracker, but an anxious passenger put their full attention to calling their family back home. The news reporter said ‘’ the storm is headed to downtown Tokyo’’ Tadashi realized he was supposed to drop off the passengers at downtown Tokyo. Tadashi decided to go to a different bus stop so the passengers will arrive safely. Tadashi was going across a bridge, The water was spreading all over the bridge, the bus was swerving across the road and almost hit a car. Tadashi calmed the passengers down by playing some relaxing traditional Japanese music the passengers were calmed. Tadashi was trying to take a highway which was leading to the bus stop where it would be safe for the passengers but then, the highway was filled with water so Tadashi thought it was a good idea to take the local road to the safe spot.

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There was a tourist on the bus named bob visiting Japan for a few days who don’t know Japanese and was from America. He still don’t know what is going on and why everyone is screaming so he tapped Tadashi and said “what is going on why is everyone screaming’’ unfortunately, Tadashi only can speak Japanese and not English so, he did not understand bob clearly so Tadashi pulled out his phone and went on Google translate to translate what the bob was trying to say the bob typed what he was trying to say, then he gave the phone back to Tadashi and Tadashi responded back to bob, he freaked out when he received the translation. One other passenger on board calmed Bob. Tadashi was almost there when suddenly, the water came from the north and hit the bus and Tadashi quickly turned the wheel so he would turn to the west Tadashi changed his plan because he wanted to go to north Tokyo but then the water hit the bus which made him go to the west exit instead of the north exit. After a while, there was a big traffic.

Tadashi was waiting for a long time, he looked for what was happening. When Tadashi got down from his bus he looks to see what happened, it was a woman named Aiko who got hurt and her arm was cut really badly, luckily Tadashi was very prepared for a situation like this to happen like this Tadashi went to get medkit to help Aiko. Aiko appreciated Tadashi for helping her, Tadashi asked where she was going she said to the west because to meet her family and tsunami is coming this way, Tadashi was kind to ask if she wanted a ride to the west of Tokyo because he’s dropping his passengers there. Aiko got on board to go to the west. Eventually, Tadashi and the passengers got to the west Tokyo bus station and all the passengers were appreciating Tadashi for the safe arrival.

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