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The Story of Mark Zuckerberg – the "Father" of Facebook

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In the year 2003, a Harvard undergraduate student and programming genius, Mark Zuckerberg, finds himself in his dorm room after a rough night out, that ended with his girlfriend breaking up with him. As per usual after a heartbreak, one does whatever necessary to feel better and in the case of Zuckerberg, the temporary remedy to his heartache was coding and creating a program while drinking his feelings of sorrow away. Surprisingly enough, right there, in that dorm bedroom, on a windy autumn night, Mark Zuckerberg created something that would lead to the creation of the social network we now today know as Facebook.

He started off just playing around and created a program with all the pictures of the girls who attended Harvard University. A type of program where anyone and everyone could compare two girls at a time and then conclude on who was more appealing and send their vote through. As you can tell, he only wanted a reason to go through all the pictures of the girls on campus just to make him feel better. As soon as he realized the traffic his program, or website rather had created, he was stunned at it and decided to keep it going until he was shut down by the university board.

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The story then follows through on how the idea behind Facebook came to be as well the trials that Zuckerberg and his first partner and best friend, Eduardo Saverin faced while in pursuit of creating and maintaining this revolutionary concept. When Zuckerberg started on this project of his, he had no interest in making money and only cared about creating something no one else in the world had ever. He was curious and wanted only to create a platform where people could communicate in a way that was refreshing, exciting and different. He wanted to create something bigger than electronic mail and short message service. This process, as you can imagine, was not an easy one at all. But when one seeks to do what has never been done, surely they are bound to face new troubles and challenges. One of the troubles Zuckerberg faced once he had created Facebook were claims of theft of intellectual property by twin brothers, Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss and their partner Divya Narenda. He at a point also faced a lawsuit put up against him by his initial partner and best friend, Eduardo Saverin. But despite all the trouble that was encountered, Zuckerberg continued to work on his project, improving it and upgrading it as often as he could, in attempt to make Facebook the best it could possibly be. With his continued efforts he was able to turn a concept he created purely for the sake of getting over a break-up into a multi-billion-dollar company.


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