The Story of Nima Mari –one of Egypt’s Most Experienced Snipers

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One of Egypt’s most experienced snipers was Nima Mari. Mari used her skills and knowledge to protect her home and the people she cares for. Nima’s father was also an experienced sniper who was in the army but passed away after a terrorist attack which leads to her wanting to continue his legacy. In the course of the Rialto Crisis - a war that lasted for a period of ten years against the self-aware robots known as zenbots and the humans, Egypt enforced a team of highly experienced snipers to protect their military camp from the zenbots. The zenbots were human-like that nobody could tell the difference. These bots walked, communicated and expressed themselves like anyone else. The fierce, golden sun shined down like the burning light rays from a magnifying glass onto the battlefield. The battlefield was made from dust and dirt. Each step the commanders took sunk into the scorching sand which slowed them down. Mari’s skill in shooting, ability to react, and use of her robotic eye helped her to gain a position as one of the artillery’s finest; where she united with the army under the code name “Horus”. Mari was called to be a part of the original League uprising team in company with Jakob Morris (Soldier), Desmond Jokin (Reaper), Sampson Greyson (Sion), Aldest Orpilla (Engy) and Liao D'Third (The Purifier). After the crisis had ended, Nima was second in command after Jakob Morris. It was once said that power is the virus in our veins, empathy was the cure.

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As a young woman, Nima had a daughter, Farah Mari. Farah was a bright child and was always eager to learn new things. She was brought up with the League team and was taught how to fight at a young age. Jakob wanted her to someday join their ranks but Nima did not like this at first because she knows what it was like on the battlefield and hoped Farah would reconsider. It was too dangerous for her daughter to be out there to protect the people so during her early life Farah stayed indoors doing what a normal ten-year-old does; schoolwork. Farah was not happy with this and got into an argument with her mother and thus their relationship turned sour around this time. Burning rage whistled through her body like deadly 1080 poison. It was just like a volcano erupting, rage sweeping off her like ruthless waves. Farah never argued with her fists but her words loaded a powerful punch. Carefully expressed, her words had a breath of perfection to them which ultimately changed her mind. “I’ll be watching your back out there, Farah,” said Nima.

In her fifties, Nima was ordered to accompany her team to rescue civilians from Talon (the covert ops division of League). She gave support from a nearby watchtower and picked off Talon soldiers with her sniper rifle. Kinamura was a modified sniper rifle constructed by Aldest which was equipped with a scope and can fire .350 rounds. This gun was as accurate as Nima’s robotic eye, able to track and hit enemies up to 2000 meters and a bullet speed of 980 meters per second. ‘إعادة تحميل’ was engraved on her gun meaning ‘reload’. This was sentimental to her as it told her to always shoot and never stop. Every time she took a life with Kinamura she would scrape a line onto the sniper barrel. When her team was shot down by Talon snipers, She used her explosive drones to create a distraction while she helped the remaining League soldiers escape the battlefield. She was caught by her sister from the opposing team Sombra. Nima hesitated to pull the trigger but Sombra shot first, and Nima’s cybernetic eye was destroyed.

With Nima ‘dead’, the League team disbanded with everyone going their separate ways, including her daughter. Although she was not dead but spent some time under the radar to think about her life and changed her name to “Janina Kowalska”. She used this name when in surgery for her shot eye. She missed the old days of fighting and her eye was not going to stop her. She sent a letter to her daughter, telling her that she was alive and wanted to return to combat.

“Shrike” was the nickname given to Nima who became most wanted in Egypt for spying, offensive, and burglary felonies. Mari had sabotaged Talon activity in Egypt. She also prepared to intrude the Talon base and had searched out the terminal for days before Soldier rushed in. Mari identified him as Jakob Morris, and protected him while he was stormed by Reaper who was a former League comrade. Mari and Reaper identified each other and she, fortunately, took him down and removed his hood, which resulted in her being shocked by what she witnessed under the clock. After an uncertain summary, Reaper faded. Mari offered Morris her full support as they walked away. Around the Christmas break, Nima was still side by side with Jakob. Nima once said, “Old soldiers are hard to kill.”

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