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The Story of Oedipus: Greek and Roman Mythology

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The story of Oedipus is a very unique story for us to learn about. The story first begins in a city called Thebes in Ancient Greece. The King and queen of Thebes were excited to be expecting a child soon. But, they received some terrifying and shocking news from a wizard who lived in Thebes also.He told the Queen and King one day the child would rise over the King one day, and then he would murder the King. So it was then the Queen and King quickly decided to order a servant to take the baby away. The servant was told to throw the baby in the river, but instead he decided to leave it for dead on the side of the mountain. It was then when a shepherd passed by from Corinth and saw the baby almost dead and quickly took the baby to the Queen and King of Corinth, for they couldn’t have a baby. The Queen and King named the baby Oedipus. Soon Oedipus grew into a strong handsome man. It was then when he started finding out about his tragic life and what really happened when he was a baby. He found out all that he heard was true and that he would murder his farther. One day, Oedipus was walking back to Thebes, when an old man came behind him and hit him with his cane and started yelling at him to move. This made Oedipus very anger and he killed the old man and all his servants with him. Soon he became King of Thebes and married the Queen and had children with her. There was then a drought that wouldn’t go away, so Oedipus thought he would get to the bottom of why it wouldn’t go away. He met with a blind man who told him he killed the King and he’s the reason the drought wouldn’t go away. He then went and told his wife, she knew exactly what had happened and committed suicide.Oedipus knew what he had done, the blind prophet was right.

As humans, today we have a lot of the same values Oedipus had. Today we may not have prophecies like Oedipus did, but we have many expectations we feel like we need to meet in order not to fail. We also see in this story Oedipus doesn’t want to take full credit for his actions. We have all been there before as well. We will come up with excuses and try sometimes to put the blame on someone else instead of taking responsibilities for our actions. This story also teaches us that sometimes the truth hurts. And it can hurt your loved ones as well. Most importantly, this story teaches us that there are good and bad consequences to every situation and every choice we make.We need to try and not let our emotions get to us in the moment, but to think things through and how this certain choice will affect us later in life.

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